Orange Yogurt Beverage

"This is healthy and yummy! Comes from Jean Paré"
photo by Annacia photo by Annacia
photo by Annacia
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Ready In:
3 cups


  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 14 cup frozen orange juice concentrate (I added more)


  • Mix 3 ingredients in the blender.
  • Mix until the mixture is creamy.

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  1. Made this today as my after lunch dessert...thinking it was going to be low fat and pretty healthy. I put the frozen orange juice and low fat yogurt into the blender then noticed a big empty space in the fridge where the carton of milk used to reside. The kids used the last of it on their cereal this morning. So, I grabbed the carton of heavy whipping cream from the back of the fridge. Made a really rich and creamy drink...not very diet friendly but very enjoyable to say the least. When I got to the bottom of the cup I had more of an orange mouse. Will definitely make this recipe again; only next time I will use skim milk. Made and reviewed for the Best of 2009 Tag Game.
  2. I made this for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up today and thoroughly enjoyed it! I threw in a scoop of protein powder. I used vanilla soy milk & vanilla yogurt which along with the frozen oj made me think I was drinking a creamsicle! Thanks Boomette! Made for Everyday Holiday Tag Dec '09.
  3. This was the perfect pickme up this a.m. after my workout. I normally get one yogurt serving in a day anyway, and so this was a great alternative. I followed SherrySweetslady's advice and added an orange segment and one packet of Splenda. PERFECT. Just the right amount of coldness. Thanks France. Made for Feb. Cupids Bev. Tag~
  4. Yummy breakfast drink this morning!! :) I added a whole orange to make it even healthier plus a tad of splenda. Thanks, Boomette1!
  5. i loved this i added some ice it is great drink


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