Orange Sunrise Fizz

"A fizzy orange drink that you can make simple at home. I created this one day when I was bored and it turned out pretty well. My brother and sister love it when I babysit them! All you gotta do is keep ingredients refridgerated."
photo by alligirl photo by alligirl
photo by alligirl
photo by NorthwestGal photo by NorthwestGal
Ready In:
1 cup


  • 12 cup orange juice (without the pulp, I prefer Goldenrod)
  • 12 cup Sprite (you can substitute with ginger ale)


  • pour orange juice into a bowl that can hold at least one cup.
  • next pour Sprite (or ginger ale) in with it.
  • mix together well and, if it needs more of one ingredient or other, add some. Then mix together.

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  1. QueenBee49444
    A great thirst quenching drink. I used Vernors Gingerale and it was terrific! Thanks for sharing this recipe-brought memories from years ago. Made and enjoyed for PAC, Spring 2009 (and will be made a lot this coming summer!)
  2. alligirl
    This is refreshing; I can see myself really enjoying it this summer, on a sweltering day! Thanks, Kentuckygirl :-D, I enjoyed your drink concoction! Made for Spring PAC '09.
  3. NorthwestGal
    I used Sprite to make this drink, and I think it gave the orange juice a little fizzy kick that made it a real treat. It was almost like I was sipping on a fruity cocktail, but without the alcohol. I enjoyed this drink. Thank you for sharing it, Kentuckygirl. Made for 2009 Spring Pick-A-Chef.


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