Onion Dip (Raw Vegan)

"This is an incredible dip which tastes even better than it's non raw vegan counterpart. This makes quite a bit so scale back as you need. Soaking the nuts for a couple hours before hand wakes up the natural enzymes & also makes the blending creamier!!"
Onion Dip (Raw Vegan) created by Lalaloula
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  • Blend macadamia nuts, 3/4 cup water, sea salt, and garlic until smooth and creamy. If needed add more water so it blends. Thicker is better but it should still be completely blended.
  • Place in bowl and fold in onions, mix gently, and chill. Top with chives if using. Enjoy with veggies, crackers, or as a spread on sandwiches!
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  1. Studentchef
    Interesting! I love chives, so I used plenty of that! It nearly reminds me of hummus, which is really good, because we love hummus in our house. I used little water, because I wanted it to be thick, so I used a 1/4 cup plus a tablespoon and it worked.
  2. Lalaloula
    This is a really nice alternative to your usual creamy dairy dips. It is chunky, full of onion and nut flavour and very yummy. The prep is easy and rather quick, too. For us it needed a little bit more seasoning, so Im just going to add that next time Im making this. But other than that, great! Thanks for sharing another winner with us, Mindy.<br/>Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #34 May 2011.
  3. Lalaloula
    Onion Dip (Raw Vegan) Created by Lalaloula
  4. Debbwl
    Onion Dip (Raw Vegan) Created by Debbwl
  5. Debbwl
    What a yummy surprise this is. Goes great with both veggies and crackers. Balance of flavors is wonderful. Cut recipe in half and made a more on the thick side as DH want it to be spread able to on crackers and I spread mine on carrots and cucumbers. This recipe can be made thick or thin depending on how much water you add during the pleading. We have some left and am looking forward to trying it on a veggie sandwich. Thanks so much for the post.

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