One Minute Manicure

READY IN: 15mins


  • 16
    g grapeseed oil
  • 12
    g apricot kernel oil
  • 3
    g macadamia nut oil
  • 1
    g jojoba oil
  • 1
    g vitamin E
  • 10
    drops essential oils (optional)


  • Before you start: Oils can go rancid -- so check first to make sure that the oils do not have strong smells. Have proper containers -- a wide mouth works perfect to scoop out the oils/salt mixture. Try and keep the oils from obtaining any bacteria and a longer shelf life, retrain from putting your fingers into the mixture. This mixture can be used on the rest of the body (except the face and sensitive areas) so use extreme caution if applying these areas. Vitamin E works as a preservative, so please include this. If gifting this to someone, mark the expiry date on the container and that this product contains nuts (allergies). This should last 1 - 1-1/2 years. If using an alternate oil, consider the "smell" factor of the oil you are choosing. Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils have huge healing benefits. One ounce = 28.375 g
  • To Start: Measure out ingredients into a large container. Mix well. Pour into 2 wide mouth containers.
  • To use: With a spoon or chop stick, re-mix the salt back into the oils. Using the spoon, apply some to clean hands. Massage into the hands, for 1 minute -- paying particular attention to the nails and cuticles.
  • Rinse off with warm water and pat dry with paper towel. Moisturize with hand cream.
  • Make this part of your daily routine and your hands will benefit from all the lovely healing oils.
  • Carrier Oils: Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Castor oil, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Olive, Sesame Seed, Sunflower, Wheat Germ.
  • Exotic Oils: Borage, Calendula, Carrot Tissue, Comfrey, Evening Primrose, Hemp, Macadamia, Ostrich, Rose Hip.