Omg Delicious Cinnamon Pickled Cucumber Rings Cukes

Recipe by lovin2cook
READY IN: 123hrs
YIELD: 6 quarts




  • Peel cucumbers and slice about 1/4"-1/2" thick.
  • Remove the seeds by cutting a circle out of the middle.
  • They will be donut shaped.
  • Soak in 8 1/2 quarts of water and 2 cups of pickling lime for 24 hours.
  • Wash and drain slices very well.
  • Cover with cold water and soak for 3 hours.
  • Place cukes, alum, food coloring, 1 cup vinegar, and enough water to cover the cukes in a large pot.
  • Simmer for 2 hours.
  • Drain and throw away solution.
  • Melt red hots in 2 cups water.
  • Mix red hot solution, 2 c vinegar 8 cinnamon sticks, and sugar and heat until hot; bring to a near boil.
  • Pour mixture over cucumbers.
  • Let sit until next day.
  • For 2 mornings, remove cucumbers and heat solution. DO NOT THROW AWAY SOLUTION.
  • Pour hot solution back over cucumbers.
  • Sit until next morning.
  • On third morning, heat solution with cucumbers included.
  • Do not boil!
  • Place cucumbers in jars while hot and seal!
  • Refrigerate after jars reach room temperature.
  • Serve cold.