Old School-Deja Vu Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

"Here is one for the chocolate/peanut butter lover, old or young. I say old first; this was served as the dessert on our lunch tray, 1st grade through 12th grade, usually on "Pizza Friday." And one would not think twice by propositioning a trade of their rectangle slice of frozen pizza for your peanut butter square. (This is where that term you learned in social studies class, "bartering", came into good use!) Can be served for up to 12-24 servings; 24 small servings or 12 nice big servings, like the ones served in the cafeteria at Whitehall School District, Pennsylvania. To this day, they are still served! (Prep/cook time does not include chill time)."
photo by ~*Miss Diggy*~ photo by ~*Miss Diggy*~
photo by ~*Miss Diggy*~
Ready In:
1 13x9 inch pan




  • Mix first 5 ingredients together with a heavy duty mixer.
  • Meanwhile, melt the milk chocolate on stovetop.
  • Spread in a 13x9 inch pan and top with the melted milk chocolate.
  • Chill; cut into squares upon serving.
  • *Forthe Old School Deja Vu effect: serve each square in a muffin/cupcake paper.

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  1. I was thrilled when I found this recipe! Good old school days! I made them, but spread it on a jelly roll pan. How long does it need to chill in the fridge? My anxious self waited almost 45 mins before trying one, but the peanut butter part wasn't set. Doesn't seem like it will ever set.....
  2. My husband LOVES these, he was talking about these bars he used to get in school. I found and made this recipe and he was thrilled! Thanks so much.
  3. Thanks a bunch!!! Awesome recipe. Just like they served in high school way back when. I love them. Have been looking for this recipe forever.
  4. I've been looking for this recipes for quite a while...Thanks for submitting it! Good school lunch memories to be sure in Ohio as well. The recipes I have been finding have used regular granulated sugar and they end up gritty...just not the same.
  5. If you love peanut butter and chocolate.... leave now and go directly to the kitchen, do not pass go, do not collect $200!! lol


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