Old Fashioned Tapioca Pudding

"I bought of tub of Tapioca pudding at Trader Joes and found out that my husband really really loves tapioca pudding. (really, I hardly got any) Since I don't have a TJ's near me, I went searching for a really good tapioca recipe, one that didn't use quick cooking tapioca. This one is delicious! We serve ours cold topped with a little fresh whipped cream. I found the tapioca pearls in the bulk section of my health foods store. Note that the tapioca pearls must soak overnight before you can prepare the pudding."
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photo by May I Have That Rec
photo by May I Have That Rec photo by May I Have That Rec
photo by May I Have That Rec photo by May I Have That Rec
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  • Soak the pearls in water overnight, covered well with water. Drain the water off.
  • Heat the milk, cream, vanilla bean (split and scraped), and tapioca to a slow simmer in a heavy pot and cook for 1 hour, stirring often.
  • Add the sugar and salt. Bring to a simmer being careful not to let the tapioca stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Put the yolks into a bowl and stir in some of the tapioca mixture to temper the eggs.
  • Then add yolks to the pan while stirring. Pour into a bowl and cool.
  • You can it it warm (as I hear it is often served in the colder months) We like ours after it has chilled several hours in the fridge at any time of year.

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  1. jerseygirl1952
    This is a first rate tapioca recipe...just so much better than the quick cook type. Rather than discard the egg whites, I whipped them and then folded them in to the finished pudding. Thanks for the great recipe.
  2. Sydney Mike
    I LOVE TAPIOCA PUDDING & have been wanting to make it rather than buy it ready-made! And finally, here it is! Definitely not for the person looking for health food, but this recipe does make for A DELICIOUSLY OUTSTANDING PUDDING! It does take a bit of prep & watching, but it is well worth it! Thanks so much for a great recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed for one of my adoptees in the current Pick-A-Chef]
  3. Mary H.
    I tweeted this recipe a bit by using 1 cup of Tapioca soaked overnight, I added two fresh vanilla beans I scraped into the milk. I used 1/2 heavy cream and 1/2 milk and added a little fresh ground nutmeg to the mixture and a tiny amount to the top with a little cinnamon which I personally love. I split the pot and added Ghirardelli powder chocolate (about 3 heaping TBS to taste.) Both are really delicious. I also didn’t simmer for an hour because the tapioca soaked over night. My batch made 6 4oz Ramekins plus 1 extra 5 oz bowl to eat warm. This is a great desert for everyone!!! Enjoy.
  4. tddoran
    Excellant tapioca pudding! I've made many versions and this is by far the best. I cooked it for 45 minutes, added teaspoon of liquid vanilla. I whipped the egg whites and added them at the ended. Wonderful texture and delicious!
  5. Jamie Bainter J.
    I have made this 4 times now. Turns out perfect every time even if I leave the first part unattended in the crock pot too long. My grocery store stopped carrying pearl tapioca in the bulk section or on the shelf, so I had to go hunting elsewhere. So much better than "minute" tapioca and no standing at the stove stirring! We love it warm with vanilla ice cream, but we also love it cold the next day. Thank you so much for sharing!


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