Old Fashioned Luncheonette Hot Dog

"As a child in the 60's and 70's, my Mom would treat us to a hot dog at the local department store back in the day when they had a Luncheteria. She watched the simple way they made them so we could enjoy them at home. They became a staple for our family as a Saturday night dinner. I know some friends of mine raised their eyebrows at the buttering of a bun, but that's how the luncheonette ladies made them and they tasted so good and my friends agreed. I just used the serving number of 8 to account for 4 servings of two hot dogs apiece, as you can't just have one! Always try to use the best quality hot dogs as you can."
photo by Andi Longmeadow Farm photo by Andi Longmeadow Farm
photo by Andi Longmeadow Farm
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
photo by lazyme photo by lazyme
Ready In:


  • 8 hot dogs, sliced down the middle, but not all the way through
  • 8 buns, soft and fresh from the bakery
  • 1 onion, chopped or sliced in rings
  • oil, a splurt...for cooking
  • butter, (real butter!) to spread on buns


  • Heat oil in a non-stick pan to medium heat.
  • Prepare fresh buns by opening and buttering them.
  • Add sliced or chopped onions to fry. When browned, remove onions to keep warm, or keep them in the pan pushed to the side.
  • Slice hot dogs down the middle but not all the way through (keep it connected). You want to pry them open to have a double wide face down hot dog.
  • Lay them flat, cut side down in the seasoned pan and cook until brown, Flip to the other side and brown.
  • When browned to your liking, remove from pan. Keep pan on medium heat.
  • Put buttered buns face down in the hot pan to toast them (I press them down a couple of times so butter and pan connect). When nice and brown, remove them.
  • Assemble the hot dog and sauteed onions into the bun.
  • Dress with mustard and ketchup and anything else your heart desires! Pour a nice, ice cold Coke with a straw, add some krinkle fries, and enjoy a trip back in time!

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  1. lazyme
    This was really simple and very good. Thanks for sharing. Made for Cookbook Tag.
  2. oscarrules
    Tasty, simple and special!
  3. crimclov
    North of you in Milwaukee, we've made hot dogs (and burgers) this way for years. They're call "Butter Dogs" or "Butter Burgers". Both are delicious. The buttered and pan fried/cooked buns are what make these truly special!! But--buy butcher shop hot dogs (not a commercial brand)--better taste and quality by far!!
  4. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    Yes-sir' ~ this is a hot dog. Absolutely how I remember it oh so long ago. I followed this exactly, except used "lobster-style" hot dog rolls (cut is in the middle on top instead of the side) which flattened out perfectly for browning. Yum, love the chopped onions on top. Boy, this is just perfect for a lovely Labor Day weekend. Thanks for posting! :)
  5. ElaineAnn
    I never had a luncheonette hot dog growing up. Now that I see what I was missing, this will be my only hot dog in the future. What a treat! Thanks for posting DiLo. Made for Fall 2009 PAC.


  1. Chef Tstar
    Great recipe! I love a good hot dog! While watching Paula Deen on TV one day, she fried hot dogs using butter instead of frying them in oil! Delish!!


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