Old Fashioned Lemon Meringue Pie

Recipe by startnover
READY IN: 35mins
YIELD: 2-3 pies




  • Heat sugar, 4-1/2 c water, and salt to boiling.
  • Meanwhile, stir 1 cup water and cornstarch together.
  • Slowly add cornstarch mixture into boiling sugar water.
  • Cook till thick and clear.
  • Beat egg yolks and lemon juice together and slowly add to sugar mixture.
  • Bring this up to a bubbly stage (1-2 min).
  • Take off heat and add margarine, and stir.
  • Leave it for a minute and come back to stir again, doing this every couple of minutes to allow margarine to melt and cool filling w/o allowing a skin to form. After margarine melts put a lid on the mixture till you're ready to pour into pie crusts.
  • For Meringue:
  • Beat salt and egg whites till frothy, then slowly add sugar.
  • Beat till stiff peaks form when you raise the beaters.
  • If you are making the meringue, add a spoonful of it to pie filling, pour filling into crusts, and then spread pie to crust edge.
  • Peak it using a spoon.
  • Bake in 325° oven till light brown on peaks.
  • Cooking time will vary--just watch it.