Oaten Biscuits

"Yummy, healthy - low calorie, low fat - biscuits which are easy to make and just fabulous on a cheese board, together with Toffee Grapes Recipe #144733. These biscuits can be kept in an airtight container for up to 4 weeks. I found this recipe in the November 2005 issue of the 'Australian Good Taste' magazine. The preparation and cooking times below do not include the 30 minutes resting time and the 15 minutes cooling time."
Oaten Biscuits created by Lalaloula
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  • Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F, and line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper.
  • Combine the flour, oat bran, sugar, salt and bicarbonate of soda in a large bowl, and use your fingertips to rub the butter into the flour mixture until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  • Add the water and use a round-bladed knife in a cutting motion to mix the ingredients in the bowl until the mixture just comes together.
  • Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to rest.
  • Divide the dough into 2 equal portions and use a lightly floured rolling pin to roll out the dough until it is about 3mm thick. Use a 5cm/2"-diameter round pastry cutter to cut out the biscuits and place them on the prepared trays.
  • Lightly brush the tops of the biscuits with egg and sprinkle with the extra oat bran.
  • Bake in a pre-heated oven, swapping the position of the trays over halfway through the cooking, for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Set aside for 15 minutes to cool.
  • Serve with the blue cheese, cheddar and brie and with Toffee Grapes Recipe #144733.
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  1. Lalaloula
    Oaten Biscuits Created by Lalaloula
  2. Lalaloula
    Oaten Biscuits Created by Lalaloula
  3. Lalaloula
    I made these today as a lunch treat for my sis and we both enjoyed them very much with some plain cream cheese. They have a lovely oaten flavour with a slight hint of sweetness (I reduced the sugar to 1tbs, but you could still taste it well enough). I would have never thought that adding some sugar to a biscuit/cracker recipe, would be a nice addition, but it surely is. I love how versatile this recipe is and will surely be making it again with some other spices added to it or maybe even turning it into a cookie by using the full 2tbs of sugar and adding some cinnamon to the batter. This comes together so quickly and easily that I no longer have an excuse to buy my crackers. :) Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful recipe with us, bluemoon! I luv it! Made and reviewed for 1-2-3-Hit Wonders Tag Game March 2009. Oh just a note: I didnt have time to chill my dough, but it worked out fine nonetheless.
  4. mary winecoff
    Excellent cracker with just a hint of sweetness. I served mine with hummus. Made for 1-2-3 Tag.
  5. mary winecoff
    Oaten Biscuits Created by mary winecoff

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