Oat Pancakes (Wheat Free)

"These pancakes are made with oatmeal ground to a flour. No wheat flour. I serve these with soy protein sausage links (BOCA brand) and a little pure maple syrup or blue agave nectar (a low-glycemic syrup)."
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photo by Dreamer in Ontario
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Ready In:
8 4-inch pancakes




  • Put oats in a blender or food processor and blend about one minute, or until ground to a flour consistency.
  • Combine oat flour, salt, baking powder and cinnamon in a large mixing bowl; mix well.
  • Combine egg, milk and vanilla in a small bowl and mix well.
  • Stir liquid mixture into dry mixture; mix until just moist. Allow to rest 5 minutes.
  • Heat a nonstick large skillet or gridle over medium heat.
  • When hot, pour 1/4 cup batter for each pancake.
  • Cook until bubbles form on surface of pancake. Turn over and cook until lightly browned.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can you please list nutrition information, such as carbs, calories, how many pancakes per serving, etc. Thank you! I'm making these tonight and hope to share recipe. :)
  2. Can water be used instead of milk? Thanks
  3. What is the cups/ounces equivalent of pre-made oat flour to the 1 1/2 cups of rolled oats prior to the blender/food processor instruction? I don't have a blender/food processor and my tinkering with the recipe yield pancakes that were way too dense.
  4. Can I make these pancakes without grounding up the oats? My father cannot have flour, and he thinks that whole (not ground oats) would be cool!?!?


  1. These are the BEST pancakes I've ever had. I do not say that lightly. I signed up to this site just so I can review this recipe. Also, in case you are wondering, they are still awesome without eggs. I didn't have eggs today when I made them and they are still awesome! Possibly even better without. From now on, I will just skip the eggs every time, less calories.
  2. Wonderful recipe. Was surprisinly fluffy yet very filling. I substituted soy milk for the regular milk though. Makes 1 1/2 belgian waffles. Thanks to Dreamer for suggesting serving with apple sauce. Was a yummy touch! I have only been eliminating wheat from my diet for almost 2 months now and these satisfied my texture craving very well. Thanks for the recipe!
  3. Mikekey, I love these! I especially appreciate how healthy they are. I was a little worried about how thin the batter was, but after resting for 5 minutes, it thickened up and the pancakes were absolutely perfect. For anyone who loves country style pancakes, you'll love these. I halved the recipe and it yielded 3 4-inch pancakes. Thanks for a keeper!
  4. Recently started avoiding wheat and had a craving for pancakes. These were a wonderful substitution. Heavier texture than regular pancakes, but more pancake-y then those banana and egg only ones. Exactly what I was looking for. Great as written, but I may tweak the flavours in the future. Will make again.
  5. I loved these. I added a splash of honey to the batter before pouring onto the griddle and tasted it to check for a slightly sweet touch and it was just enough. These are hearty and my dad loved them, someone who usually hates healthy stuff I make.


  1. my favorite recipe, I add a couple tsp raw sugar to the dry mix, substitute milk with vanilla almond milk and add semi sweet chocolate chips. Everyone here likes them better than regular pancakes!
    • Review photo by Sol A.
  2. Vanilla almond milk instead of regular milk!
  3. I added 2 tablespoons of honey!
  4. Add sugar to the dry mix
  5. A tablespoon or two of lite and fit fruit yogurt, a little olive oil at times.


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