Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake

READY IN: 12hrs 20mins
SERVES: 12-48
YIELD: 1 cake


  • 1
    (13 ounce) jar nutella
  • 14
    cup cocoa powder (or more or less...just until its a nice brown color and tastes chocolatey)
  • 2
    (13 ounce) bags chocolate chip cookies (DO NOT USE SOFT ONES. MUST USE HARD, CRUNCHY ONES. I used Chips Ahoy, or the store brand equivalent)
  • 12
    cup milk


  • Whip the heavy cream until it starts to become thick (not fully whipped).
  • Add the entire jar of nutella and the cocoa powder to the cream, and beat thoroughly. There should be no lumps, and the cream should be whipped. make sure not to overbeat or the cream will separate.
  • Briefly dip each cookie in the half cup of milk, then put one layer of chocolate chip cookies on the bottom of an 8x8 inch square pan (fill in holes with pieces on each layer of cookies, doesn't have to be flat or attractive -- just needs to cover the layer. Since you're putting round cookies in a square pan, square off the edges by breaking the cookies in half to line the flat sides against the edge of the pan, then just fill in the rest).
  • Layer 1/3 of the cream mixture on top.
  • Repeat cookie and cream layers until you finish with the cream on top (there are three layers of cookies and three layers of cream).
  • Refrigerate overnight or at least 12 hours (it needs time to soften!).
  • This gets better over time, and can be stored for at least a week in the refrigerator - perfect for a large party, to get dessert out of the way far ahead of time!