Now This is Alice Springs Chicken

"Alice springs chicken has always been one of my all time favorite chicken dishes. I looked everywhere for the recipe that looked the closest and this is the winner + or - a few to my taste. We love onions so I always sauté some up with the mushrooms but whatever works best for you!"
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Ready In:
3hrs 20mins




  • With an electric mixer combine the mustard, honey, and 1 Tbsp oil, and lemon juice for 1 minute.
  • Pour 1/2 mixture over chicken in a gallon ziplock to marinate in fridge 2-24 hours.
  • Chill remaining marinade to serve with chicken.
  • After marinating chicken, preheat oven to 375°F Put remaining oil in frying pan. Heat and sear chicken on both sides.
  • Transfer chicken to oven safe pan and brush with marinade.
  • Meanwhile in frying pan add butter and saute mushrooms.
  • Season chicken breasts with salt and peppers.
  • Stack bacon across each breast, spoon mushrooms on each breast and then approx 1/3- 1/2 cup cheese on each.
  • Cover pan with foil and bake 7-10 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with honey mustard marinade.

Questions & Replies

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  1. juniper12
    Is the paprika put on with the salt and pepper? There is no mention of it.


  1. MFlahertyRuhl
    For the sauce...I mix (to taste)... Ketchup, Mayo, small amount of Dijon mustard, splash of Worcestershire Sauce, sprinkle of garlic and onion powder, crack of pepper, a nip of GOOD Prepared Horseradish (NOT the creamy stuff for sandwiches, but the stuff that looks grated) and a dab of honey. This seemed to get the tang, sweet and kick I was tasting at Outback. I make this up about an hour (or longer) before I use it so the flavors come together.
  2. eileen.ross
    This is fantastic. The only thing I changed was the canola oil. I stopped using it when I learned how unhealthy it really is. Just replace it with grapeseed or coconut oil. What a delicious recipe, thank you!
  3. BizeeB
    This was just like Outbacks recipe. The only thing I missed was the service. <br/>I used local honey and 4 breast that I used my Pampered Chef meat tenderizer. I cut the chicken into serving size pieces. This easily fed 6 to 8 people. I served rice pilaf and steamed mixed vegetables
  4. vincentandkim
    Wow! This was fantastic. I sauteed one onion with the mushrooms, and baked nine slices of thick sliced bacon. I also cut the bacon as I put it over the chicken. Make sure you pound the chicken first so it cooks evenly. Definitely a keeper.
  5. Lucky Clover
    Wow! This was THE BEST chicken! Even my dad said, "That was good chicken," and he never compliments anything! :) We marinated it for 24 hours and grilled it. I saut?ed the mushrooms on the stove, but everything else was cooked outside. The sauce was amazing! Thanks for the recipe. This one is going in my favorites!


  1. Cook In Northwest
    I waffled on whether to rate this 4 or 5 stars, but because the left-overs called to me so strongly, I gave it 5 stars. This was very tasty, but hubby and guest didn't comment. I used chicken tenders instead of breasts, and that was nice. I skipped the butter and used left-over bacon grease, which did not brown the chicken as much as the butter would have, but it tasted great. Next time I'll skip the salt, as the bacon added plenty of saltiness. I forgot the parsley, but don't think that mattered too much. My complaint about this recipe is it just seems a little bit disjointed to me. Like the chicken is just layered with bacon and cheese and they are not integrated with the sauce. Yes, when you dip the chicken in the marinade it helps, but without the dip it's not a blend of flavors but rather a lot of separate and distinct ones. I most likely won't be fixing this again, as it is way too high carb for diabetic hubby (what was I thinking anyway?) But I will recommend it to non-diabetic folks as a tasty treat.
  2. Chattes
    I made this exactly as posted except I chopped the bacon instead of leaving it whole and added the onions as recommended. Very, very good. As there's only two of us, the rest is in the freezer for another meal or two which we look forward to.



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