Not so Sweet Fudge-- Microwave Quick

"I am a chocoholic. But can't eat much in the way of carbs. So most sweets, including baked goods are out. I came across a recipe for Chocolate Ice Cream without an ice cream freezer in Cook's Country Magazine. Looked great, simple, and had my mouth watering. I have tried 3 different ice cream freezers (even a fancy gelato maker) and never been happy with the results. I was so impressed with what looked like a great recipe I had to try it. Well, I wasn't that happy with it. Perhaps because I didn't use semi-sweet chocolate. I used 70% Scharfenbargers. I have stayed away from Sweetened Condensed Milk, again because of the carbs. Most fudge recipes call for all kinds of sugar. But I was trying to make ice cream and the only sweetener with a fair amount of cream was the SCM. So make a long story short. The base for the ice cream was FANTASTIC FUDGE not too sweet, creamy, with excellent chocolate flavor that was very satisfying. (I know, why not just eat the chocolate?--too bitter, go figure). So here is the base recipe. I use instant espresso, which greatly enhances the chocolate flavor. Cook time is refrigeration time. I haven't tried variations yet, but that should be pretty easy. UPDATE: unsweetened bakers chocolate works well; tried orange rind and orange extract with excellent results."
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Ready In:
8 pieces




  • Dissolve ESPRESSO in HOT WATER; add VANILLA; set aside.
  • put CHOCOLATE in medium sized microwavable bowl (I use ceramic). Mic on high at 30 second intervals until melted, smoothing with rubber spatula as needed.
  • add SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK and stir until smooth.
  • add ESPRESSO-VANILLA mixture; stir until smooth.
  • stir in NUTS if using.
  • This will be velvety smooth. Press into a small flat pan 6x6 or so. Let sit until firm. REfrigerate if hot outside. about 1 hours Doesn't make alot. But great for a chocolate fix.
  • I usually eat it the same night.

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  1. I can't tell if you're talking about candy or ice cream.


First, I want to thank all of you cooks out there who have contributed to Zaar. Since I found you all, I have had the most amazing cooking experiences. <br> <br>I live in the beautiful Pacific NW We have 4 seasons and I love it. Lived in the low deserts most of my life-hot hot hot!!! <br> <br>I moved to the NW after a divorce and my sons have followed me; so nice. I do not work outside the home, I am disabled. It took years to get used to, though. I live with a terrific man who is also my caregiver and together we have fun doing almost nothing; it's great. We live with two great cats and our children visit regularly. Very nice =) <br> <br>I grew up cooking as my Mom was/is a disaster in the kitchen. And far from disliking it I enjoyed it more and more. A few months ago I found Recipezarr. What a great place! I love all kinds of cooking. Over the last few years as I have become more debilitated I have worked harder on getting meals done simply and quickly. I still refuse to use prepackaged foods of any kind. Recently have gone off corn syrup and won't use anything that uses it or it's derivatives. Avoid cured foods, preservatives, etc. also avoid soy. If I could afford it I would only use organics, but I can't. So do the best I can. <br> <br>I don't know much about computers. Zaar has all kinds of games etc, but I don't know how to get involved. Everyone seems to have so much fun. But on the otherhand, I have sure learned alot of cooking techniques, ideas and tried wonderful foods from around the world that i have made myself. My cooking has improved alot. REading reviews and bios is great, too. <br> <br>My passions are Jesus, creative cooking in the shortest amount of time with fresh natural ingredients, envronment, outdoors, reading, following politics. <br> <br> My pet peeves are litterbugs, wasting water. As for cooking I have a couple as well: Splenda; recipe shortcuts that use prepackaged, pre-made products (I'm not a semi-homemade fan) as part of the recipe; i.e. pudding, cake mix, cool whip, etc. <br> <br>I guess my one exception is spaghetti sauce. My son yesterday made a great sauce from scratch. easy and delicious. he also made pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin. so I guess I don't have any excuse to used the canned products any more. lol
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