No-Iron Wrinkle Remover

"I got this recipe from a newsletter I get by e-mail. Sorry, don't remember the name but this works really well and I thought it should be shared."
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Ready In:
20 ounces




  • Mix the last two ingredients well in the spray bottle.
  • Hang garment on a hanger.
  • Gently mist with spray.
  • Lightly tug and smooth the fabric and allow to hang dry.

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  1. This stuff rocks! I used tap water and Method brand fabric softener (water lily and aloe vera scent), making it practically all-natural. I used it to freshen and de-wrinkle a cotton sweater with sequins (can't be machine-washed) and it really did the trick! Interestingly, there is an almost-identical recipe posted as "Faux Febreeze," and I did find that this stuff smelled so good, I was compelled to spray it on every fabric surface in my home! I think it smells way better than Febreeze! I love that it is a multi-function recipe. I used almost the whole bottle right away, so I will definitely be making this again. Thanks for posting it!
  2. I could kiss you!!! =D I loved Downy wrinkle spray when I discovered it yrs ago. I've not been able to find it in ANY store here locally. (HEB, Randall's, Albertson's, CVS, Walgreens ... Argh!) My last bottle ran out 2 wks ago and I've been *trying* to adjust to the Nigara one but it doesn't work as well and I don't like it. I was about to give up and, horror of horrors, BUY an iron!!! Thank you SO much for this! It even works *beautifully* on our hemp linen items. (worst wrinklers EVER)
  3. I use this same mixture, with the fabric softener increased to 2 Tbs of softener, for spraying around my home soft surfaces as a cheap version of febreeze (found the 'recipe' here on RZ.. Faux Febreeze Recipe #71485). Works great, and now I can use it on wrinkled clothes too? perfect! Thanks for posting!
  4. This is fantastic!! I broke my iron, and haven't replaced it because of this great recipe. I use tap water and it works great. I spray this on my clothing in the evening, and by morning, my clothing is work ready! I'll keep making this!
  5. THANK. YOU. For years, I've used the Dollar General brand of wrinkle releaser - I hated the smell but liked the price ($2/large bottle). But this is even better! Cheaper AND it smells like my favorite liquid fabric softener! I would've never thought of this on my own!


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