Nitko’s Simple Vanilla Ice-Cream (Without Machine)

READY IN: 3hrs 40mins
YIELD: 4 portions


  • 200
    ml 35% cream
  • 200
    ml 15% cream
  • 30
  • 20
    g vanilla sugar
  • 3
    egg yolks


  • Mix yolks and sugar into a foamy mixture (use pot you’ll lately cook on steam).
  • Heat cream and vanilla stick until boils. Let it cool until 50°C Take out vanilla stick and cut it just to remove inside seeds and “meat”. Put the seeds and “meat” into egg mixture and mix (use hand mixer). You will see small black dots - do not worry, they are vanilla seeds and they will get you the real flavor; use them.
  • Constantly mixing pour cream into egg mixture, slowly. When finished pouring cream you will get creamy mixture with a lot of foam. Do not worry, put this mixture on steam and cook mixing all the time.
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT HEAT OVER 70°C (155°F) or you will get scrambled eggs. When you remove all the foam, and the cream sticks to the ladle like a fine coating it is time to pour mixture into a pot you will put into a freezer.
  • When the mixture is cool enough to put it into a freezer, put it inches after 30 minutes take it out and mix it either with hand or on a lowest speed with an electric mixer. Do it several times during 2-3 hours or until you are sure all crystals are removed. This amount must be enough for about 500 g of ice cream.