New Orleans Style Cafe Au Lait

""Real, New Orleans-style coffee must be dark roast, brewed strong, and must include chicory. In fact, most of the coffee drunk in the Crescent City is a coffee-and-chicory blend". Some well-known local coffee-and-chicory brands are French Market (my personal favorite), Community Coffee, Cafe du Monde or Union. Brew your coffee in a drip coffeemaker only, and serve with half coffee and half scalded (NOT steamed!) milk. From and posted for ZWT5."
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photo by NorthwestGal
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Ready In:
12 cups




  • Bring the water almost to a boil, to a temperature of 204-208 degrees F.
  • Using a drip-style coffeemaker with filter, pour a small amount of the water over the coffee grounds to dampen them, then wait 30 seconds.
  • Pour more water over the grounds until the upper pot container is full.
  • Allow to drain, then repeat until all the water is used.
  • Scald, do NOT boil, the milk. This means to heat it until JUST below the boiling point.
  • Pour coffee into warmed large mugs, then add the milk.
  • Add sweetener if desired and serve.

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  1. Jon S.
    I disagree with the statement that chicory is a must. It must be a dark roast, but chicory has always been optional. France introduced Chicory to NOLA and the South where it was used as a cheap substitute for coffee when it was not available due to blockades or economic hardship. Some developed a taste for it, which is why it is still found today. Many native NOLA residents, such as my grandparents, cannot stand chicory, and always order the Cafe Au Lait sans chicory.
  2. Sharon123
    I used to love drinking coffee with chicory, but haven't for ages, so this was very good! I used decaf coffee and added chicory that I got from the health food store. Thanks! Made for the Epicurean Queens for ZWT 2009.
  3. NorthwestGal
    A very pleasant way to start the day. I usually don't have cream or sugar in my morning coffee, but I did so for the purpose of making this recipe. And I think it was a very nice way to enjoy my morning coffee. Made for ZWT5.
  4. Sageca
    This brought back good memories of our trip to N'awlins a few years ago.Loved reliving this; Wish I could have had a beignet to accompany it. I ended up making it with a coffee I bought in Seattle.I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on it( I guess that's a no-no)but I enjoyed. Thanks for posting this. I made it for ZWT5. Rita
  5. gailanng
    This is nothin' new in my neck of the woods. Coffee-licious! Made for ZWT5


  1. Jon S.
    No chicory



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