Neckbones and Collard Greens or Turnip Greens

"My Grandmother was a most excellent cook. This was one of her country favorites. She left a note with this recipe saying that it is good with cornbread or hushpuppies and she is right!"
photo by Frances T. photo by Frances T.
photo by Frances T.
photo by Chef Mommie photo by Chef Mommie
photo by Miss Ricki photo by Miss Ricki
photo by Miss Ricki photo by Miss Ricki
Ready In:
1hr 15mins


  • 2 lbs pork necks
  • 2 lbs collard greens or 2 lbs turnip greens
  • 12 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • bacon grease (or fatback grease)


  • Wash neck bones in warm water and 1/2 Tablespoon salt.
  • Put neck bones in a large pot filled halfway with hot water and 1 tablespoon salt.
  • Boil 30 minutes.
  • While neck bones are cooking, cut the long stalks off the greens and remove any yellow leaves.
  • Wash the greens in lots of cold water twice.
  • When the neck bones have cooked 30 minutes, add all the greens, pour some bacon drippings or fatback grease over them for extra seasoning.
  • Cover and turn burner down on low to simmer.
  • Cook until greens are tender. (approximately 1 hour).
  • Put in colander to drain. Tip*** Take a small saucer and push on the greens to get most of the water content out. You may have to pick some bones out because the neck bones some times fall apart. Cooking them in some type of bag (cheesecloth?) might help but I don't do that.
  • You can cut them up how you like. I use a Hand Chopper. I like mine chopped fine but you can chop to your liken.

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  1. Miss Ricki
    This was a nice simple recipe to follow. Make sure you almost overkill the neck bones to let it start falling off bones, and use a strainer to catch the bones. I cut up some red pepper & Cabbage for flavor and also added bacon pieces. Turned out really good. Make sure to add salt to final product, if you want it that is.
  2. DEEP336
    Food from my own past! I grew up in E. N.C. and saw both my mother and grandmother do this a million times when I was young. I haven't cooked this myself in years, but almost bought some neckbones and greens a few days ago at the grocery. Now, I wish I had. This is soul food at its best. I'll be cooking this again soon. Thanks, Chef Mommie for a reminder of my roots, and just how good this recipe is exactly as you described its preperation! Regards, DEEP
  3. Scotty  Callies Mom
    Your granny must have been raised with my mom! Yum 1
  4. sugarpea
    Most excellent collard greens, indeed. I went to the other end of the beast and used oxtails as I had them on hand and they needed to be used up. I skipped the grease and used about half the recommended salt. I still think I got the essence of Grandmother's recipe, Chef Mommie, and it was wonderful.


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