Nasal Sinus Wash Combined With Emu Oil

"This winter has been especially hard on my nose (and skin) that I had modified a recipe to suit my needs. Although Sea Salt has very healing properties, I found that too much burned my painfully sore nostrils. Since my nostrils had got to the point of being cracked and bleeding, at the beginning, I used this flush up to 4 - 5 times a day....I applied Emu oil after using the flush to inside of my nostrils and added a humidifier. This remedy has worked very well for me and I have backed off to 1 - 2 flushes a day and the humidifier is now working on a low speed 24 hours a day! Emu or Ostrich oils have very healing benefits for dry, cracked or damaged skins...their only downfall is that they are expensive oils and has a shelf life of approximately 1 year. So use the oil on your hands, feet, nails, eye lids, etc. Any good quality oil can be exchanged with the Emu"
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Ready In:
5 applications


  • emu oil (or any other good quality oil)
  • Sinus Wash

  • 12 ounces water
  • 1 - 1 12 teaspoon glycerine
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 14 teaspoon sea salt


  • Combine all the ingredients in the Sinus Wash in a container and stir to dissolve the salt.
  • Using a Pedi pot, pour about 2 - 3 T of the solution into the pot. Microwave for about 7 seconds. Test temperature before using. Pour into one nostril, breathing out with your mouth open. Let the liquid drain out through the other nostril.
  • Change to the other nostril and repeat.
  • Once finished, blow nose to clear out rest of the liquid.
  • Dab a bit of the Emu oil onto your (clean) finger and apply it to the nose.
  • Repeat 2 - 3 times a day.
  • Note: I use a Tupperware container to hold my solution. I made the salt and baking soda mixture up ahead of time and have it stored in a plastic baggie. I have a 1L bottle of Glycerine, so use approximately a cap full.

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  1. I've always tried to keep water out of my nose but when push comes to shove this works if you use it on a regular basis. Be sure to use sea or pickling salt never table salt because the iodine will irritate the lining of your nose. Also use this to cleanse the nose before using medicated nasal sprays.
  2. Thanks for this recipe. After some experimentation I have found recipe #70486 to be more to my liking but yours was the first that introduced me to the glycerine. I happened to have just bought some to make bubbles with. Honestly I can't tell if it makes a difference or not but might as well use it. :o) The other think I like about your recipe-12 oz is just perfect. The neti pot takes 6 ounces so this is just the right amout for both nostrils.



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