My Wannabe Krispy Kreme Donuts (Bread Machine)

READY IN: 35mins
YIELD: 30 donuts




  • Pour cooking oil in bread machine, then milk, then 1 egg, then dry ingredients and put yeast on top. I add the liquids first because that is what my bread machine directions say to do. I noticed that adding oil first whenever I make bread seems to get all the ingredient to mix together better, and just select the dough cycle.
  • As the machine is mixing periodically check to see what your dough ball looks like if it looks to wet add more flour, to dry add more liquid I find lighly drizzling on top of the dough ball and not the bottom of the pan cleaps liquid from splashing everywhere. I just lightly sprinkle or drizzle ontop of the dough only and wait till it has time to mix a litte before you add either more milk or flour based upon if it's too dry or too wet. It should look like a slightly shiny ball, If it looks like a playdough ball it's to dry and just drizzle either a liitle milk, or oil, buttermilk, on the ball itself just a little at a time on the dough only or the liquid will go everywhere.
  • Then just let it do it's own thing. When the machine is finished the dough cycle cut and shape your dougnuts.
  • Now to make them super light the dough will be stick so keep a bowl of flour next to you you can have your hands and the dough cover with flour but unlike when making bread you are just trying to keep the light dough from sticking to your hands and your rolling pin. So don't really try to mix in the extra flour into the dough.
  • Now for the dough that is rerolled it may make a heavier doughnuts so that can be for your refridge rising doughnut so they have more time to get lighter.After I shape mine and let them rise longer if I'm not hungry for them then ;) the more you let them rise the lighter they will be. I put half in the fridge and fry the other half I think you can even freeze them too.
  • Fry them in corn oil because soybean oil has it's own taste and since corn is sweet I figure it's best for frying sweets.
  • When ever I fry things I use a big deep like 5 quart pot even for just like 1 to 2 inches of oils. I feel safer using those, so less chance of splashing and things catching on fire. So big pot but nomore than like 2 inches of oil works for me. I use the wooden spoon method to see when my oil is hot enough.
  • Fry donuts about 1 to 2 mins per side and glaze and eat ;).