My Mom's Other Soft Apple Cake (In a Tube Pan)

"My mom is just amazing. After 70+ years of cooking for others, she keeps on coming up with new ideas for yet another delicious dish. Today she gave me this recipe for another soft apple cake (to distinguish them from her passover apple cake and her "hard" apple cake, my personal favorite). It whips up fast, makes a nice presentation, and freezes well if you dont gobble it down first. I think she got it from "America Cooks for Israel", a cookbook that happens to feature some of her recipes too, courtesy of her only daughter. ;-) Try it, and join in singing my mom's praise."
My Mom's Other Soft Apple Cake (In a Tube Pan) created by Sasha L
Ready In:
1hr 45mins



  • Mix together first 3 ingredients. Set aside.
  • Beat together the sugar, oil and eggs until smooth.
  • Mix together the dry ingredients in another bowl, and add to egg mixture, alternating with the orange juice and vanilla. Beat until smooth.
  • In a greased tube or bundt pan, pour a little less than half the batter. Top with the apples, and cover with the rest of the batter.
  • Bake at 350F for 75 minutes.
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@Sarah Chana
@Sarah Chana
"<p>Sara Chana (z'l) was a beloved daughter, wife and mother. She was the wife of a Rabbi and entertained many people in their home, especially on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays. She loved to cook and to share her recipes. She was a very active member of the Kosher &amp; Jewish Cooking Forum and was loved by many members here as well. She lost a valiant fight against cancer and we miss her very much. May her recipes continue to nourish many people, as she did during her life. <br /><br />If you have a question about one of her recipes, please post in the Kosher &amp; Jewish Cooking Forum <a href= target=_blank></a> and we will try our best to answer them.</p> <p>Saralaya</p>"

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  1. mtnmel
    I had such high hopes for this cake. Followed recipe, turned out a bit dry and the cake part a bit bland, (tested done @ 65 minutes). Might try again with some tweaking.
  2. Laffey
    This recipe is delicious! One of the best apple cakes I have made.
  3. waynejohn1234
    Still the very very best apple cake around................have tried many others. I do cut back on sugar but that is a personal taste. Thanks for reminding us of this great cake.....highly recommend. Follow recipe as written please.
  4. Sasha L
    My Mom's Other Soft Apple Cake (In a Tube Pan) Created by Sasha L
  5. Sasha L
    My Mom's Other Soft Apple Cake (In a Tube Pan) Created by Sasha L

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