My Favorite Bologna or Ham Salad for Sandwiches

"I grew up only knowing this by Ham Salad which is what my Mom and local Deli's up North called it. She said it was the "Poor Man's Ham Salad" which never contained any ham, just bologna, but giving it the wonderful flavor and color of what could have been ham. We loved it. I made it for my children as they grew up and it is still requested though they are adults now. I am in my 50's and still make it for myself as a snack spread or sandwich. I've seen a variation of recipes for this, tried some and still think mine is my favorite. Let me know what you think?"
My Favorite Bologna or Ham Salad for Sandwiches created by CabinKat
Ready In:


  • 1 lb of your favorite bologna
  • 0.75 (12 ounce) package sliced American cheese
  • 14 cup sweet pickle relish
  • 14 cup real mayonnaise (can use Miracle Whip)


  • Do not use Velveeta for this recipe, it does not store well.
  • I suggest a food processor for this recipe unless you prefer a meat grinder. Use a large bowl with tight lid for storing.
  • Take all the bologna out of the packaging and quarter.
  • Unwrap all the cheese slices (if in wrap) and quarter as well.
  • Place half the meat and half the cheese in processor and pulse until semi-chunky. It should look spreadable. Scoop in bowl.
  • Add remaining bologna and cheese, process.
  • Place rest in large bowl and add relish, mix well.
  • Add 1/2 of the mayo, stir. You can choose the consistency if you prefer. I like it a bit more mayonnaisy. Add rest if preferred.
  • You can use either Miracle Whip or real Mayo, both are great. I like the real mayo because it works better with crackers.
  • Serve on either a hamburger bun (kid's favorite), sandwich bread, or club crackers.
  • Store remaining spread in fridge, it can last up to one week.
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  1. durrett44
    Best bologna brand to use for Bologna Salad recipe?
  2. ceci2468
    I've never tried grinding everything together. I grew up on fried bologna or fried spam sandwiches. So good. Sometimes we chop up the fried bologna or fried spam and mix it in egg for an omlette sandwich. Awesome for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  3. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    YUM! This is soul comfort food at it's best. Seriously good, and filling too! I used bologna (low-fat) and a nice muenster cheese. Loved it! I follow this exactly and will make again. It is absolutely great on crackers, saltines. So good! Thanks for sharing! Made for Think Pink 2011
  4. Debber
    My DD and I just LOVE this stuff! Another idea is to use whole dill pickles and run that through the meat grinder with the bologna ... that adds a whole 'nuther kick to the flavor of the sammie. We decided to skip the cheese, though, so as not to adulterate the pure pleasure of the bologna. Memories of childhood lunches at school! *Made for Spring 09 PAC*
  5. CabinKat
    My Favorite Bologna or Ham Salad for Sandwiches Created by CabinKat

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