Mustard Pickled Eggs

"I found this recipe on another site and it supposedly originated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I decreased the water by half because I ended up with far too much liquid for the jar and had to dump some out. Next time I may omit the water altogether."
Mustard Pickled Eggs created by KellyMae
Ready In:
24hrs 10mins



  • Mix together the vinegar, mustard, water, sugar and salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar.
  • Put the eggs in a widemouthed jar (an old mayonnaise jar would be great).
  • Pour the hot mixture over the eggs.
  • Seal the jar.
  • Store the eggs in the refrigerator for at least a day or two before sampling in order to let the flavors develop.
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  1. sely611
    I had pickled mustard eggs many years ago and loved them but never had the recipe until now. I used Hickory Farms sweet & hot mustard with a bit of minced garlic. Absolutely delicious!
  2. missmarymorganwhite
    These are BY FAR the best pickled eggs I have ever had! I made the mustard eggs with spicy brown mustard and Truvia sweetener ( I used less than asked for) and I also added 2 garlic cloves and it is WOW! Awesome for some one like me on a low carb diet. I sliced them up and served with cheese and salami......good with a low carb beer too. Thanks!
  3. Burger Monster
    Wow are these ever addicting! My first time both making and eating pickled eggs and it rocks! Ok I'll admit I was scared by the look of the eggs in the jar - not pretty. I tasted one after a couple of days and the texture was a bit odd, like a deviled egg that's been in the fridge too long. Kinda hard and chewy. I promise you they get better with age! After a week they are both perfect in texture (firm but not overly so) and taste. I've been eating these things like they are going out of style! Just plain out of the jar or chopped up in a salad. I can't wait to make them again!!M
  4. lucy4174
    I made these as written using yellow mustard. They were delicious IMO.
  5. KellyMae
    These were great! The don't look all that great in the bottle, but very tasty. I used a combination of yellow mustard, whole grain dijon and dry mustard. Used splenda instead of sugar. Will be making these again.

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