Mustard Fried Pork Chops (Breaded)

"I LOVE a nice mild mustard-mayo, so started making these several years ago! They are breaded with crushed "Chicken in a Biskit" crackers! My FAVORITE way to have pork chops!! Sure hope you try them! They really are good!!"
photo by Wildflour photo by Wildflour
photo by Wildflour
photo by Wildflour photo by Wildflour
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  • I used 4 thick cut pork loin chops, the pkg. weighed 1.86 lbs. to give you an idea.
  • In small bowl, mix mayo and mustard, set aside.
  • Crush crackers finely, and place in pie dish, set aside.
  • Pat chops dry with paper towel. Totally coat with mustard-mayo mix. Edges, too.
  • Coat chops in crushed crackers WELL. Pat them on. Don't forget the edges. Place on a plate as you go.
  • Use all the crumbs, sprinkling any leftover ones on top, pressing on.
  • Heat a sufficient sized frying pan with oil that coats the bottom plus a bit more, with the butter. I like the oil to be able to come half way up the chops after they are in the pan.
  • Place chops in hot oil that is heated over medium heat.
  • Fry for about 8-9 minutes per side til golden brown, only turning once.
  • Mine usually take 8 minutes per side, but these must have been extra thick and took 9 minutes per side. Only one minute either way won't hurt them.
  • If you've accidently heated your oil too hot and they've browned too quickly, don't fret, you can always "finish them off" in a 375º oven on a rack placed over a cookie sheet.
  • But a tad under medium works perfectly every time!
  • *I have always used a non-stick pan for these!

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  1. The mayo mustard was good. One note ... I crushed ritz crackers I didn't like the others, but crushed very well so a fine mix. Also I made sure that the crust was pressed well into the mayo mustard mix. Next ... I used a mix of oil and butter and a non stick skillet. I only used about 2 tablespoons of each which was plenty. Let cook 5-6 minutes and then flipped, and another 5-7 minutes. Golden brown, crust was great. Make sure to use a plastic spatula so when you flip the pork it doesn't break up. Important. Worked fine. I did add some red pepper flakes and seasoning as it needed quite a bit for me. Parsley, some s/p and a little all purpose seasoning Overall, good crust and I did enjoy it.
  2. I like how crispy these pork chops are. I didn't have chicken in a biscuit crackers so I subbed honey ritz crackers. I loved using the mayo and mustard to coat the chops with. I have made these a couple of times already and will make again. They area quick and easy to make. Thanks for posting Wildflour!
  3. Sorry to say, but these did not float our boat! The coating fell off and made a mess in the skillet. Not sure what was to keep it on? I had made a similar fish dish and the samr thing happened. Then I thought it was because i did not use enough oil, but I did these chops just like indicated. As a result they were just ordinary pork chops. Koechin
  4. Delicous crisp coating. Had to cook longer than indicated, finish in oven, as suggested.
  5. These were delicious! And so easy to make...the hardest part was crushing the crackers! ;) The coating was nice and crispy with just a hint of something extra from the crackers. I didn't taste the mustard/mayo mixture, and I was hoping to taste a little of the mustard, but it still didn't detract one little bit from this wonderful recipe. Thanks for posting, this is a real keeper!


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