Mum's Christmas Pudding

Recipe by Ninna
READY IN: 7hrs
SERVES: 12-14




  • Soak fruit in rum overnight.
  • Add spices, tea and rinds to fruit mixture.
  • Cream butter and sugar, beat eggs and add alternately with flours to butter, sugar mixture then add breadcrumbs.
  • Grease a large pudding basin well, fill basin with pudding leaving a little room at top for expansion and cover with double sheet of greaseproof paper well greased then clip on lid, it should fit tightly.
  • Steam pudding for 4-5 hrs in large boiler (very large saucepan), with a saucer placed underneath basin, fill with boiling water to come half way up basin - keep adding boiling water as it evaporates. If you put a lid on boiler, don't cover completely, leave space for steam to escape.
  • Reheat on Christmas Eve in crockpot 12-14 hrs on low, place upturned saucer under basin, start about 11pm to midnight so it will be ready by lunchtime for Christmas Dinner.
  • Take pudding out of basin and serve pudding on a platter with a sprig of holly (artificial) on top and a bowl of hot custard or brandy custard alongside.