Mou Shu Chicken Wraps

"From Betty Crocker. I did change up a bit. Makes for a nice and very easy meal when you are pressed for time."
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  • In a 10 inch skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat.
  • Pepper chicken and put chicken in skillet and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until no longer pink in center.
  • About 2 minutes before chicken is done, if using, add red pepper flakes and garlic.
  • Stir in hoisin sauce, ginger, wine, sugar, coleslaw mix and carrots. Cook 4 to 6 minutes, stirring constantly, until vegetables are crisp tender.
  • Warm tortilla as directed on package.
  • Place a portion of chicken mixture on each tortilla, roll tortilla around filling.
  • If desired, you can serve with plum sauce or other sauce of your choosing.

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  1. This made for a quick, tasty weeknight meal, even having to use homemade hoison sauce ( Recipe #379686 ). It was a good use of the rest of the leftover coleslaw mix in the fridge. Served with some edamame and fruit. Thanks for posting!
  2. Really quick & tasty meal with a great combination of flavors. I made exactly as described other than I used a little extra chicken.
  3. Super easy to make, I doubled the chicken and the sauce and made my own coleslaw mix consisting of green cabbage, red cabbage (equal amounts), 2 medium carrots grated and 1 large spring onion finely sliced but I didn't cook it with the chicken because we like the raw crunchy taste in the wrap with the chicken and drizzling some of the sauce over the chicken and coleslaw. I used rye and wholegrain tortillas. Good easy quick mid week meal we enjoyed. The DH and DS had 2 while the DM and myself had 1 each. Thank you happynana, made as a Recipenap for Recipe Swap #34 November 2009 Aussie/Kiwi forum.
  4. Delicious!! And so fast cuz I used some leftover chicken. I also brushed the tortillas with some additional hoisin, and sprinkled just a bit of sliced green onion and additional raw coleslaw mix, for added crunch. Served with Sriracha sauce.
  5. Fabulous! Great Asian flavor in a quick and easy wrap. I will definitely be making these again. I will probably only add about 1/4 of the crushed red pepper flakes next time, for my family. I personally loved the heat! The recipe comes together quickly. I love using the coleslaw mix and matchstick carrots. Lovely combination of flavors! ~Made for the Nov. Aussie/NZ Swap~


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