Mom's Potato Salad

"So Easy and SO good! My Mom has made this for years, I love the dressing, this is the only recipe I use for potato salad."
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Ready In:




  • Toss together.
  • chill.
  • EAT!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Janet L.
    My Mother made a potato salad I grew up, and fell in love with. Unfortunately, after her death, the recipe was lost. The things I know about it were, it had "light cream" in it along with the typical mayonnaise; NO eggs; just celery but the KEY was the LIGHT CREAM!! Any recipes out there that call for light cream in the Potato salad??


  1. MizzNezz
    Funny, I always make potato salad with EITHER mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. I never thought of combining the two! This is very good. The sour cream adds a nice touch too. I added a few minced sweet pickles. But it's the dressing that makes the dish! Thanks, Donna!
  2. Donna
    To whoever tries this recipe, you use BOTH mayo AND Miracle Whip... it really makes a nice creamy dressing.
  3. Bev I Am
    Donna, as far as I'm concerned, your Mom knew the secret to the perfect potato salad! This was delicious! I omitted the onion, but added the green onion. Omitted the paprika and the parsley and made my own addition of 2 tbs sweet pickle relish. The combination of the sour cream, Miracle Whip and the Hellman's mayo was the perfect dressing for this salad. Thank you for posting this one, Donna. I will be using your Mom's method from now on! :)
  4. Loves2Teach
    I would give this 6 stars if i could!!! This is the greatest potato salad i have ever eaten!!!! I REALLY do not like mayo at all and still could not stop eating this. Next time i will mash up the potatoes completly- but that is my preference :) thanks for posting such a great recipe!!!
  5. William Uncle Bill
    Hi Donna; Superb potato salad. Yes, your Mom certainly knew what to to to make it taste so good. My recipe is very similar to yours. The Miracle Whip and Mayonnaise is great, never gave it a thought as I always use Miracle Whip. I added a few thinly sliced radishes and some Dry Mustard for a little pizzaz. Thanks much for your posting. "Uncle Bill"


  1. Polly N. Saturated
    I've been mixing mayo and Miracle Whip for a long time. I also add fresh grated horseradish and crumbled bacon - both to taste, but caution with the horseradish, the fresh grated stuff will really clean out your sinuses.
  2. Stephannie A.
    I make mine, potatoes,eggs,green onion,dill pickles,half mayo,half sour cream,one packet of Mrs dash, mustard, and a hint of horseradish. Make while it's still warm and it comes out a little creamy.The sour cream cuts that heavy mayo taste that I don't like. You can use just a hint of sweet relish.
  3. Anonymous
    I would just add that seasoning the potatoes works great. My mom always added chopped up radishes to the mix and also as a garnish along with sliced hard boiled egg; was always a hit!
  4. Catherine H.
    My mom would add a chopped cucumber instead of celery. It really created a fresh, cool taste!


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