Molho De Piri Piri Grilled Chicken

READY IN: 24hrs 40mins
YIELD: 1 fryer




  • In a blender, mix together the first 5 ingredients, then set aside.
  • Place the chicken breast side down. Using poultry shears, cut along one side of the backbone, then the other. Discard the bone or use it for stock. Turn the chicken breast side up, open and press down firmly with the palm of your hand to flatten. Then using a mallet, pound the chicken to flatten further. Place chicken in a flat dish (or resealable food-safe plastic bag) and coat with marinade. Cover and marinate for several hours or overnight in the refrigerator. Remove the chicken from the refrigerator and let it return to room temperature.
  • Meanwhile, heat a gas BBQ or charcoal grill to a medium heat. Getting your grill hot prior to placing the chicken is important. Baste the chicken with some of the reserved marinade then place it breast side down on the grill and cook until the skin is a deep brown and shows grill marks, about approximately 15-20 minutes Flip and repeat, for about another 15-20 minutes. Brush liberally additional sauce onto the Piri Piri chicken in the last 15 minutes of cooking and serve with remaining sauce .
  • To Make Molho de Piri Piri: Remove the stems from the chilis. Place all the ingredients (including the seeds) in a food processor and purée. Pour the mixture into a small glass jar and let steep for at least 24 hours, preferably 1 week, in the refrigerator. The Sauce will keep for 1 month. Shake well before using.