Mixed Berry Jam(No Pectin)

READY IN: 28mins




  • Steralize and dry a glass jar with a lid(approx 350gms capacity).
  • Wash and blend berries into. A smooth liquid using a blender.
  • Keep sugar and fresh lemon juice ready for use before you start.
  • Seive the liquid into a thick bottom cooking pot or pan to get rid of seeds if.
  • Keep on medium flame to start the cooking process.Stir in the sugar and lemon juice into the liquid and mix well. Keep stirring occasionally.
  • Check for sweetness and adjust accordingly. A frothy layer while cooking the jam is common and can be ignored.
  • Check with a steel or wooden spoon if the jam is thick enough. Incase if runny, you need to cook further.
  • Transfer the hot jam into the glass jar and close the lid tightly and allow it to rest in a cool and dry place till it's set.
  • Ideally 350gms of jam can be easily obtained from a mix of berries amounting to 500 gms within 25 minutes.
  • This jam can stay good for 6 months and can be stored out in a cool place, however storing it in a refrigerator is an option too.