Microwave Chocolate Steam Pudding

Recipe by KiwiGaz
READY IN: 10mins




  • SAUCE: In a microwave safe container combine all the sauce ingredients and cook on high til it's all melted together. Usually takes a couple of minutes to melt it all.
  • PUDDING: While the sauce is microwaving, get a large, microwave-safe bowl (I often use a casserole dish) and throw in all the Pudding ingredients except the milk then gradually add the milk while stirring until it forms a soft, moist dough. It's important to use a large bowl because the dough will rise quite a bit as it cooks.
  • COMBINE FOR DELICIOUSNESS: Pour all the sauce over the dough then put it in the microwave a cook on high for 7 minutes.
  • SERVE: You can have this on it's own but I like to have it either with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream. I'll use a Kiwi (New Zealand) saying meaning you'll like this - "Sweet As!" Enjoy!