Microwave Caramel Fudge

"This is the most delicious tasting fudge, and so easy to make, just mix, and microwave, no need to use a candy thermometer for this just make sure to cook the fudge mixture for the full 15 minutes that's what gives this fudge it's flavour and texture. Since this makes a thin layer of fudge, I sometimes make two separate batches and stack them on top of each other to make a thicker layer ---- well many mixed reviews so I am guessing that every microwave heats differently for me I always have great results!"
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Ready In:
2hrs 15mins
1 8x8 in pan




  • In a large microwave-safe glass bowl (8-cup Pyrex measuring cup works well) with a spoon mix together whipping cream, white sugar and brown sugar just until combined; microwave at high for 15 minutes stirring, using a wooden spoon at half time (note: it is important that the mixture cooks in the microwave for the full 15 mins).
  • Remove from microwave (careful the bowl is HOT!).
  • Add butter and vanilla; with a spoon, mix well for about 1 minute.
  • Add chopped nuts (if using) mix.
  • Pour into a buttered 8 x 8-in square baking pan (or a smaller pan).
  • Refrigerate for 2 or more hours before cutting into small squares.
  • Delicious!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Peggy N.
    Wish I had read the reviews before I tried to make this. I experienced the kitchen full of smoke, Black tar bubbling mess. So much for easy. Next one I'm making is going to be on the stove top. Being on a fixed income doesn't allow for many mistakes especially during Christmas time.
  2. jbon28
    Tried this recipe taking into account the warnings that 15 mins was way to long. I tried it with 12 mins, and I could tell that was way to long. It smelled burnt when I pulled it out of the microwave and was pretty much a solid before I even put it in the other pan. This didn't seem right to me since fudge should well... be chewy... I have a 1200 watt microwave. I put it in for 10 mins, stopping to stir it at 5 mins, turned out great! You can tell if it's done when you watch it. The whipping cream and sugar mixture will bubble/boil close to the top of the bowl and near the end of the time it should start to shrink back to the bottom of the bowl. Once it reaches back to it's normal height or close to, that is when you should take it out. Hope this helped!
  3. icharbjcharb3
    I hate to say it but this turned out to be a horrible experience. My microwave was fine... no smoke, but the mixture was definitely overdone at 15 minutes. I'm curious Kittencal if you have a convection microwave oven, hence why your results are so good?
  4. JPerez
    The first time I made this, 15 minutes was way too long and I experienced the smoke filled kitchen that chef lightning#2000 had with a mixture that looked like tar. I decided to try again and microwaved for only 12 and a half minutes, stirring after 6. I think I'll cut it down to 12 minutes next time as the fudge is a little crumbly and I think with the shorter cooking time, it'll have a smoother consistency. Simple recipe, just a shame that microwave wattages vary so much and can wreak havoc.
  5. lightning 2000
    fifteen minutes in my basic microwave had smoke fumming through my house i'm affraid this recipe just didn't work out at all for me



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