Mexican Party Casserole

YIELD: 2 pans




  • Equipment: 2 deep lasagne pans.
  • On the bottom of each pan, spread a layer or two of chips, flattening as needed.
  • I used about 5 oz of the chips in each pan.
  • Drop spoonfuls of refried beans atop the chips layer, using 16 oz in each pan.
  • Once you've got all of the spoonful drops down, use the back of the spoon to spread the refried beans around more evenly.
  • Pour 8 oz salsa over each pan, and spread about.
  • Over each pan, crumble 2.5 oz of chips.
  • Layer 7.5 oz of the corn in each pan.
  • Chop up the bell peppers, and layer them evenly in the 2 pans.
  • Chop up the avocadoes and olives, and layer them evenly in the pans.
  • Chop up the cilantro, and sprinkle it over the pans.
  • Using the remaining refried beans, drop spoonfuls atop the pans, and spread them around.
  • (They won't cover the whole surface; that's ok).
  • Spread the remaining salsa in a thin layer across the top of each pan.
  • Chop the cherry tomatoes, and sprinkle those over the top of each pan.
  • Crumble the rest of the chips, and sprinkle those over the top.
  • Bake at 450 degrees for about 1/2 hour, maybe more (keep an eye on it after the first 20 minutes as ovens can vary); I turn the oven off once the top layer of chips is lightly browned and a forkful swiped out of the bottom of the pan is hot.
  • (Note- Don't worry too much about the quantities of ingredients; this is not a recipe where precision matters. If you have more or less of something, it'll still taste good).
  • Enjoy!