Megan's Amazing Buffalo Garlic Chili

"A very simple and tasty chili for the novice cook with patience and time. Just remember that taste is what really matters. Seasoning is a matter of personal preference so I never say how much you should use of dry spices. This is a recipe where you should taste it as you cook it."
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
photo by Baby Kato
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  • Chop onion and crush and chop garlic and saute in butter until tender, browning and the smell is overwhelmingly garlicy, turn heat to low and let cool while you do step 2.
  • If you use meat cook down the beef in a separate pan and when its browned and crumbly add the taco seasoning as directed by the packet. Add to the chili along with beans.
  • Drain the appropriate items and add all beans, both drained and undrained along with the corn and the chopped tomatoes to the pot.
  • Add large can of whole tomatoes. Crush with your hands or cut into quarters with paring knife. I generally dump the tomatoes on top and then slice them up over the pot, just dropping them back. This is very messy (and fun) and you'll want to wear an apron. Whole Stewed Tomatoes never fail to squirt when you crush or cut them.
  • Stir all ingredients and turn heat back up to begin cooking.
  • Add seasoning while stirring and taste testing. I generally add the wing sauce and the lemon juice first. Chili powder makes the chili a nice dark red and tends to be hot in the back of the mouth for a nice kick after the flavor. I also use season pepper, and pepper flakes. Basically you season it with what you like until it tastes good to you. It will always be different. Note: You can use the taco seasoning directly to the beans as opposed to just using it on the beef.
  • Simmer on medium stirring occasionally. If it's too soupy you can add 1/2 cup of white rice which will also make your chili even more filling.
  • Eat some and let cool on the stove top. I find letting it sit sets the flavor before you put it away.
  • Note for Vegetarians: For Vegetarian omit the ground meat. Also not Apian Vegetarian due to honey in the Anchor bay Buffalo wing sauce.

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  1. Really tasty chili. I browned the beef with the onion/garlic to save creating another dirty pan and did not add any water with the taco seasoning. I added 2 tsp mild and 2 tsp medium chili powder at the same time as the taco seasoning and otherwise followed the recipe, but didn't add any of the additional spices/seasonings (garlic salt, cayenne, etc). I also left out the corn, because while I like corn, it doesn't always like me back, especially when combined with beans... Served with cheese and sour cream. Also served some of the leftovers over a baked potato for something different. Thanks for sharing!
  2. This was a lovely chili...My dh loved it and gave it 10*'s. It is rich, thick, robust, spicy and very flavourful. I added the rice to thicken the chili. It and the corn were a nice addition to the chili. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.


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