Mcdonald's Hot Mustard Sauce Clone

"Found this recipe at: The recipes are in pdf & various fonts & formatting that don't translate well when printed. Some of the words I can't even read on paper at all (2 point type size), so I'm posting it here so we can use it again. It's the closest to McDonald's we've found to date. We had a package of the original sauce to compare side-by-side with. There is definitely no cayenne in the original (which is one of the clone's best assets) & the original tastes like it has a touch of BBQ sauce in it. I've seen a lot of recipes with Heinz 57 listed but I wasn't interested in trying another one of those tonight. This recipe utilized everything I already had on hand. We let it refrigerate for about 6 hours & the flavors mellowed quite a bit but I think the sauce will benefit from a longer refrigeration time as the mustard & vinegar flavors are overpowering right after mixing."
Mcdonald's Hot Mustard Sauce Clone created by flower7
Ready In:
1/2 cup sauce




  • In small microwave safe bowl, combine all ingredients with a fork. Mix well.
  • Microwave on high about 30-35 seconds then mix again.
  • Cover & refrigerate at least 6 hours to allow the flavors to meld.
  • This makes approximately 4 packets worth of hot mustard.

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  1. Tim T.
    You can easily tweak this hotter / sweeter etc. Taste just like the real thing. I make mine a little less sweet and hotter with a tad less vinegar and I use light syrup. Also it seems leaving out mayo doesn't make much difference. If you like sweet&sour sauce try this one.
  2. Victoria S.
    Honestly, this is the closest recipe I've tried. I cut the dry mustard in half and added about 1/2 tsp more light corn syrup and it was still a tad spicier than McD's, but it is SO close! I wish I could figure out that 1 missing factor. It was really tasty!
  3. Leslie C.
    Did not have any mayo, so left it out. Used apple cider vinegar texture and taste was perfect. Thank you!!
  4. David F.
    It really amazes me when a recipe has a majority of 5 star reviews and some ijuts post 1 star reviews for something they changed or screwed up on. My wife always doubts herself when making something not native to the Philippines. So she follows recipes to the T, carefully measuring everything. She made this for me and the only changes we made were to use apple cider vinegar (Philippine white vinegar is actually cloudy white and very strong) in half the amount and after an initial tasting added another teaspoon of sugar. After 4 hours my nuggets were done and the mustard brought out. It was phenomenal. Although there are McDonald's here they only have sweet and sour and BBQ dipping sauces. What my wife made is just how I remember the taste. If you think it doesn't taste right you've done something wrong. If you believe there is too much of a particular ingredient, don't give a 1 star review. Decrease the amount of that ingredient and try again. Do you think chefs taste their creations and throw them, never to be made again, because it tastes too salty or bland or sour or etc.? No they tweak and tweak until they're happy with it.
  5. marv26181
    Let it sit in the refrigerator for four days before finally getting to use it. It was bitter and left a bad aftertaste. NOT like McDonald's.


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