Mccormick's Meatloaf Seasoning Mix

"couldn't find any meatloaf seasoning packet-type recipes on here (cuz i don't like to buy them) for more flavor. found this little gem on"
photo by Chef GreanEyes photo by Chef GreanEyes
photo by Chef GreanEyes
photo by Chef GreanEyes photo by Chef GreanEyes
Ready In:
1hr 10mins
1 loaf




  • Combine dry spices and seal in ziploc or vacuum seal bag (or jar).
  • MEATLOAF DIRECTIONS:1 package Meat Loaf Seasoning Mix, 2 pounds ground beef or ground turkey, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 2 slices bread, finely crumbled or 1/4 cup dry bread crumbs, 1/2 cup ketchup.
  • Mix Seasoning Mix, ground beef or turkey, eggs, milk and bread crumbs in large bowl (Ialso add the ketchup in this step). Shape into a loaf. Place loaf in a shallow baking pan or 9x5-inch loaf pan. Spread ketchup over top of loaf.
  • Bake in preheated 375F oven 1 hour or until cooked through. Makes 10 servings, approx 3oz each.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Jeff S.
    what about the brown sugar?
  2. sandileighteel
    Hi, I looked up your recipe for meatloaf as it appeared it was an alternative if you didn't have a pkg mix handy. I see it calls for milk AND tomato product put in the meat mixture. Just curious, why both products? I do not recall a pkg mix calling for both, seems like they all say milk or tomato sauce. Also, I live in high altitude 6200 ft, any adjustments necessary? Thanks for your help, great website too!


  1. Kasha
    Really nothing like the package mix. Needed more taste for us. If I do it again, I'll up the spices and add garlic, etc.
  2. Outgrowncooking
    Nope! McCormick's has some celery, onion and garlic! Keep trying.
  3. drumsey6932
    Stop! Do not make this recipe ! I was in a jam at the last minute, and was out of my usual meatloaf seasoning mix(Mccormick)., so I threw this together ,against my better judgement . I was right the thyme and basil are way overpowering , my husband spit it out and had awful on his face , I never written a review before but I cannot see how someone would post such a terrible recipe.:(, I threw it in the garbage , not suitable for human consumption
  4. varegistry_5431874
    I really wanted this to work, but it is nothing like the McCormick mix, and it really wasn't very good. My family usually has the McCormick version for leftovers, and they didn't touch this meatloaf. I won't try again.
  5. katy_s
    I would love this product if not for the brown sugar in it! My family uses brown sugar in cookies and cakes, but never in meatloaf. Sugar and meat don't mix very well. Sorry!


  1. linnkj1963
    i thought this was wonderful but i added diced green chili and cubed sharp and swiss cheese and topped it with old elpaso enchilada sauce very yummy
  2. Erin Provins
    I add chicken stuffing mix instead of bread or breadcrumbs. It makes a little crunch on top and is delicious!
  3. Mary J.
    I added a little soy sauce (not much because of salt) and a little worscheshire sauce and omg it was sooo good and no left overs lol I think I may do a pinch of salt or no salt if I add a little soy sauce but it wasnt too salty it was sooo delicious! Thanks for the recipe!
  4. Jennifer W.
    As with most recipes, you try it once then find out what you could do differently, if anything. I found that there was enough salt, but I didn't have dried thyme, so I used ground thyme and cut the amount in half. If you don't do this it is way over powering. Also I used dried basil but only used 1tsp. I also added 1 tsp of all spice. It gives it a really nice flavour. I also substituted the ketchup for bbq sauce on top. Fantastic! My family loves this recipe. If you like spicy....add 1/2tsp of cayenne pepper. Still lots of flavour and some bite!



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