Maureen's Pilchard Fish Cakes

"The best fish cakes I have ever had. So sad that tinned pilchards (or sardines) in tomato sauce don't appear as a known ingredient on Zaar as these beat all the other fish cake recipes (for me). Perhaps a few other "foreign" non-American members will have this ingredient at hand and give this a bash. Preparation time excludes making mashed potato - can use instant mash if desired)."
photo by Cormac T. photo by Cormac T.
photo by Cormac T.
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  • Drain the pilchards, retaining the tomato sauce.
  • Add to mashed potato and beaten egg, mixture must be quite stiff.
  • Add onion and seasoning.
  • Form into cakes and bake at 200 C for approximately 30 minutes, turning over half way through.
  • (If desired, allow to cool and freeze - can be re-heated in microwave).
  • Serve with reserved tomato juice, simmered with italian herbs and parmesan.

Questions & Replies

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  1. MARCIA C.
    That seems like a lot of onion. Are you talking about shallots or scallions or regular size onions for this recipe? Thanks.
  2. Marinda V.
    Hi Maureen How do you reheat this from frozen?


  1. Tessa van Niekerk
    Beautiful! I actually received a few tins of pilchards as a house-warming gift when I moved into my first own flat, and never really knew what to do with them. Try it with pilchards in chilli sauce for a bit of a bite, especially in winter...
  2. Andy Mann
    I'm surprised more people don't use tinned pilchards as well,I'm a Brit so I was raised on them. This recipe is almost identical my own that I haven't used for many years but I'm going to! My difference is I didn't use the eggs then,but I didn't in burgers either though do now. I also used to add a packet of parsley and thyme stuffing mix to the fishcakes and dust them in flour before shallow frying or baking,gives them a nice crisp outer coating. Pilchard fishcakes are gorgeous!
  3. Bluemonkey
    Yummy....I'm so glad my German deli/grocer carries pilchards in all kinds of sauces...will try with other sauced pilchards


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