Masoor Daal - Indian Red Lentils

Masoor Daal - Indian Red Lentils created by Annacia

These cute legumes are SO yummy! I made this for my nutrition class and it was a huge hit! Options for the vegan version are listed.

Ready In:
1hr 15mins



  • Wash the lentils well, and then put them into a sauce pan. Add 4 - 6 cups of salted water to cover the lentils.
  • Bring lentils to a boil then reduce heat, cover and allow to simmer until they are soft. Keep the water level above the lentils.
  • While the lentils are simmering, grind the spices together then toast them over low heat in a dry sauté pan until you have released their aromas. Set spices aside.
  • Using the same sauté pan, heat ghee or oil over low to medium heat. Add onions and sauté until they are soft. Add garlic, sauté another 3-4 minutes. Do not burn the onions or garlic. Add spice mixture; continue to cook for 2 minutes.
  • Once the lentils have become soft, add them and their cooking liquid to the onion and spice mixture (add more water or broth if lentil are too thick). Stir and scrape up any bit from the bottom. Stir in lemon juice, adjust salt and continue to cook for 5 minutes.
  • Just before serving add yogurt and heat through. Serve with a wheat flat bread such as roti.
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"These cute legumes are SO yummy! I made this for my nutrition class and it was a huge hit! Options for the vegan version are listed."

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  1. VelcrowMistress
    Yummy... Kinda glad I accidentally doubled the recipe now :)
  2. debbiemcelroy
    I followed this recipe exactly as written using tamarind concentrate instead of paste. Way too much cinnamon, it overpowed the entire dish. I will try using maybe half the cinnamon.
  3. Annacia
    Masoor Daal - Indian Red Lentils Created by Annacia
  4. Annacia
    Excellent seasoning and flavor here. The lemon is vital to this recipe and really "finishes" the flavor profile. It made a great lunch and I would certainly make this again.
  5. micro_ang
    Mine turned out a bit too runny, so I think if I were to make it again I would have to use less water (I am new to cooking lentils). The flavour was really nice though, I also only had powdered spices, but I still ground them and still toasted them and the flavour was still great. The lemon juice is definately needed for the acidity. I used yoghurt, but it didn't blend well, so I would also use a more creamy, greek style yoghurt (without artificial thickeners) so it doesn't curdle. I ate it with rice and roti bread, which was yummy.

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