Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

"I have posted this in response to a request, but have not tried it. This recipe will frost, but not fill, a 2-layer 8 inch cake. Increase accordingly if you wish to fill the cake."
photo by Cannoli photo by Cannoli
photo by Cannoli
Ready In:
1 cake




  • Beat butter in a large bowl with mixer on high speed until creamy.
  • Beat in marshmallow creme.
  • Reduce speed to low, and beat in confectioners' sugar and vanilla.
  • Increase speed to high; beat until fluffy.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can i frost the cupcakes the night before and leave them out or would i need to keep in fridge?


  1. I picked this to top S'mores cupcakes as the original recipe had a very complicated recipe. I read the reviews and backed down the butter (3/4 cup), I also had to up the sugar (2 cups).<br/>I still wound up with a buttery taste to my icing that I am wondering might be alleviated by using shortening or something else.. will investigate when I get a chance. I might also look at bringing the butter down to 1/2 cup and increasing the marshmallow creme as adding the sugar made the topping very sweet. One of the people that tried it told me "the best cupcake I've ever had" so it was well received in any case.
  2. This was very easy to make and it was delicious! My five year old said"I wish I had a whole house full of this stuff!" I can't disagree. I doubled it to frost and fill a four layer chocolate cake for my sons birthday. Was a tiny bit short but was doable.
  3. Very easy and really well liked by kids & adults. I've not mastered the ability to not get everything in the kitchen sticky with Marshmallow goop, but it's a price worth paying. I made it a second time with margarine and butter flavoring as an emergency substitution and it still held nicely. Thanks!
  4. This is fantastic, the whole family loved it! But I did need to add more marshmallow cream because after tasting with the amounts listed, I thought it was way too buttery tasting. After adding a few more spoonfuls, we thought it was perfect.
  5. This was very easy to mix up. It took to color very well. My children loved it! It is easy to spread and amazingly not too sweet. Just remember that it IS frosting, so it might melt if you leave it out on a hot day!!! (My error. I melted the decorations right off of the doll cake that I made for my 4 year old! Really comical now. Good thing I got pictures of the cake right after I frosted it)


  1. Replaced butter with coconut oil.


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