Marmie's Bacon, Garlic Asparagus

"I was looking for a fast way to prepare my asparagus, I was getting tired of steamed....So I put this together. Although this certainly is not as fat free as steamed, it is truly much more flavorful. It turned out so delicious that I was sad that I had not cooked larger portions, I loved the crispy, sweet garlic. NOTE: (The directions look really long but are only detailed not difficult.) I hope you enjoy this super easy recipe."
Marmie's Bacon, Garlic Asparagus created by shelliea2
Ready In:
24 spears




  • Fry bacon medium crisp in frying pan on med heat.
  • Remove bacon, chop coarsley and set aside - reserving bacon fat in pan.
  • Place 2 crushed cloves of garlic in pan and fry untill tender but not browned.
  • Meanwhile - To prepare asparagus for cooking:

  • Wash,.
  • Hold bottom end of asparagus in right finger tips, the other hand will hold asparagus in about the middle and bend to 'snap' off ends where they naturally break to get rid of the tough ends. Discard ends.
  • With a potatoe peeler and gently peel tough outer layer away from cleaned asparagus.
  • Place in frying pan with the partly cooked garlic and cook untill tender crisp - about 5 minutes. Watch that the garlic does not burn, what you are looking for is a gentle crispy golden color.
  • Sprinkle asparagus with chopped bacon and parmesan salt and pepper -topping with the crispy garlic from the pan. - serve immediately.

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  1. shelliea2
    Marmie's Bacon, Garlic Asparagus Created by shelliea2
  2. shelliea2
    Marmie's Bacon, Garlic Asparagus Created by shelliea2
  3. breezermom
    Marmie's Bacon, Garlic Asparagus Created by breezermom
  4. breezermom
    Just delicious! Asparagus is wonderful to me anyway you cook it, but this recipe is sensational. The bacon (need I say more) added so much, and the crispy garlic was perfect. I minced my garlic, and wished I'd sliced it instead....think it would have looked better in the dish. This is a wonderful recipe.....thanks for sharing! Made for PAC 2011.
  5. SSX6316
    Loved this! I left out the cheese since we didn't have any on hand but it was perfect for our taste. Made this as a side to our Thanksgiving dinner a few months back and everyone (including the kids) loved it. I'll definitely make this again since it's very eat to put together.



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