Margarita Grilled Tuna & Black Bean Salad Tortilla Bowls

READY IN: 2hrs 30mins




  • Marinade -- Marinate the tuna steaks. Add the tuna in a large baggie with the margarita mix (minus 1 tablespoon for the beans). Let marinate 1-2 hours, no longer.
  • Tortilla Bowls -- Make the tortilla bowls. Preheat a oven to 375 degrees. Make sure the shelf is in the middle. Spray a oven proof stainles or glass bowl with a non stick spray. Push the tortilla in the bowl and bake on a cookie sheet for 15-20 until golden brown, remove and let cool 5-10 minutes. It will crisp up. Also many grocery stores and specialty markets also carry the pre-made bowls. Old El Paso and Taco Bell are 2 brands that make them.
  • Beans -- Add the olive oil to a small saute pan on medium heat. Add the garlic and onion and cook 3-4 minutes until tender. Then add the beans, salsa, chipotle, lime juice, margarita mix and cumin and continue to cook on medium heat for about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper if necessary and cook on low another 5 minutes. These are good made ahead and then just reheated when ready to use.
  • Sour Cream Sauce -- Mix the sour cream, chipotle, lime juice and cilantro together and refrigerate until ready to use.
  • Salad -- Prepare your lettuce, onions and avocado and set to the side.
  • Tuna -- Remove from the marinade and season with salt and pepper. The tuna is best on an outside grill, but it also can be done on a inside grill pan, or just saute pan, Just a little olive oil on the pan or spray with a non stick spray and grill on high heat until you get nice grill marks. You want the tuna medium to medium rare, so just 3-4 minutes on the first side and even less on the second side. Your cooking time will depend on the thickness of your tuna steaks. Remove from the pan and cover with foil as you make the salad.
  • Salad -- Take one of your salad bowls and fill the bottom with some of the shredded lettuce, onion slices; then the beans, cheese, a little more lettuce. Top with the sliced tuna and avocado slices. Finish by garnishing with the olives and sour cream sauce. ENJOY!