Maltese Bread Pudding ( Using up Stale Bread)

READY IN: 1hr 5mins
YIELD: 20 squares




  • Soak the bread , in water foe about an hour until soft. ( cut loaf in half).
  • Pre heat oven to 200C and grease a rectangular baking dish measuring about 30cmx 20cm.
  • grab the loaf with your hand and squeeze out excess water. You can put the bread in a clean tea towel and squeeze.
  • Put the soggy bread in a processor with the other ingredients except the dried fruit and mix well.
  • Add the dried fruit and pulse until combined.
  • spread in the baking dish and flaten surface with a spatula.
  • Sprinkle the extra sugar and anise seeds on top.
  • Bake for about an hour, until it feels firm .
  • serve warm or at room temperature ( or in summer, cold from the from fridge, or at least thats the way I like it :-).