Maggie's Lethal Kumquat Liqueur

"This easy-to-make and delicious recipe is from my friend Maggie Smith—the Aussie, not the British, actress. Use the greater amount of kumquats to intensify the citrus flavour. Cooking time does not reflect the months needed for the liqueur to age fully."
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  • Put the pricked kumquats, sugar and brandy in a jar that can be tightly sealed (should hold at least a litre). Store jar away from sunlight.
  • Every day for the next 14 days, turn the jar over and back to distribute the sugar. You don't need to shake the jar.
  • After the 14 days are up, keep turning the jar over and back at least once a week until the sugar has completely dissolved.
  • When the sugar has dissolved, use tongs or a slotted spoon to gently remove the kumquats. Leave the liqueur to age in the jar.
  • Dip these boozy kumquats in melted chocolate for a delicious treat with after-dinner coffee. Store in the freezer.
  • Six months later, the liqueur is ready to be bottled and enjoyed. Maggie saves interesting-looking smaller bottles to use for gifts.
  • Note: You can bottle the liqueur at three months (to give as a gift), but tell the recipient it is worth waiting the extra three months before tasting. The well-aged liqueur is thicker, sweeter and more syrupy.

Questions & Replies

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  1. stephmparsons
    Hey LP! Just wondering how long this liqueur will last once the kumquats are removed? S
  2. donna o.
    I made the kumquat liquor 3 months ago and have just bottled it into another empty liquor bottle It looks and smells divine. I also dipped the kumquats in a dark chocolate and have hidden them in freezer for a special time. My husband and I tried one each( I did 33) and WOW the hit of brandy is perfect. My tree is still laden so will do another batch. Thankyou for recipe my friend is also making this recipe
  3. trove
    I made this a little over a year ago. After about 3 months, I removed some of the kumquats and dipped in chocolate. It has sat forgotten in my pantry since! Is it still good?
    • Review photo by trove
  4. suebamford999
    Also are we to wash them initially and must they be completely dry.
  5. suebamford999
    Can I make the brandy in the bottles ( still turning etc) and leave the Kumquots in there- not remove them.


  1. Anita F.
    I finally tried mine after sitting for one year. Awesome and I also have plenty of white and dark chocolate kumquats. All organic and I made the chocolate myself!
  2. Mala G.
    Can I use Vodka too instead of Brandy?
  3. Zimmiedog11
    I made this liqueur (double quantity) and found the sugar had completely dissolved well within the initial 14 days. However, I did wait until the 14 days were up before removing the (60) Kumquats. I actually tested the liqueur at 11 weeks and found it was maturing well, so filtered (as there was slight sediment) and then used a funnel to decant into the reserved brandy bottles. The recipe produced just under two litres so the excess was drunk that evening. It already has a very good flavour and is quite syrupy, so should be well matured in time for Christmas, New Year and Australia Day.
    • Review photo by Zimmiedog11
  4. Ambervim
    I just made these a month ago and will be serving this Saturday. I used a ginger brandy. Even though it has not aged ---- it is still tasty!!! I will serve the chocolate covered and this liquor as desert.
  5. I'mPat
    I gave this recipe to a friend last year when she had a glut of kumquats and she has just informed me they are devine dipped in the chocolate and the liqueur is to die for and is hoping for another glut of kumquats this year and will be making more (and just maybe I'll get a taste this time). So my friend says a big thank you to Leggy Peggy and Maggie for a great recipe.


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