Mackinac Island Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fudge

"One of my favorite places to visit every summer is Mackinac Island. Two of my favorite things to do while on the island is ride my bike around the perimeter of the island and then walk through town going in and out of all of the fudge shops looking for free samples. I'm so happy I found this recipe so I can make my own fudge between visits up north. I bought this recipe booklet called Mackinac Fudge Recipes for my cookbook swap partner. I hope she doesn't mind me posting a few of the recipes here on Zaar."
photo by Tinkerbell photo by Tinkerbell
photo by Tinkerbell
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Ready In:
1hr 30mins
2 pounds




  • Combine milk and chocolate in a medium size heavy saucepan;.
  • cook over low heat until chocolate is melted.
  • Add sugar, corn syrup and salt,.
  • cook, stirring constantly, to boiling.
  • Cook, without stirring to 234 degrees F. on a candy thermometer. (A teaspoon of syrup will form a soft ball when dropped into cold water).
  • Remove from heat at once.
  • Add vanilla and butter but do NOT stir in .
  • Cool mixture in pan to 110 degrees F., or until lukewarm.
  • Beat with wooden spoon until mixture thickens and begins to lose its gloss. (This will take about 15 minutes.).
  • Spread in a buttered 8-inch x 8 inch x 2 inch pan.
  • Let stand until set and cool.
  • Cut into squares.

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  1. you are suppose to use Half & Half (not milk) and unsalted butter..
  2. OH YUM! It's been years since I've made real, from scratch, old fashioned fudge & this recipe does not disappoint! I had a crazy time cooking as my new pans are too wide at the top to clip the candy thermometer on so I had to hold a top-heavy digital thermometer in the chocolate the whole time! It was about 11pm when I finally got the fudge into the pan to cool & then went to bed. It's a bit dried out this morning & didn't cut into perfect squares, but it still tastes delicious! I'll be making it again. I forgot what I was missing all these years of making marshmallow fluff fudge. :)
  3. The taste is average. I Have much better. The directions were vague so unless someone has made fudge before, one won't know how to compensate for the inadequate directions. I would never bring this out in public. I might try it again but alter the ingredients. So basically, I will make fudge. Just not this recipe. IMO, everyone should try something at least once. Everyone's palate is different. This didn't reach a great spot on mine.
  4. Fantastic recipe: great flavour & smooth texture. Thank-you.
  5. When making recipes like this, I find that, if I want to get a really great flavor, I need to use things like whole milk, quality chocolate, unsalted butter & pure vanilla extract! And so I did, & we -holics had one of the best chocolate pig-outs ever! Thanks for yet another great recipe keeper! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup tag]



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