Low Fat Cholent: Israeli Chaminc Israeli Chamin (Kosher-Meat)

READY IN: 12hrs 20mins
SERVES: 8-10




  • Here it goes -- :
  • Heat pot on the stove - and place meat to fry and seal. Turn the meat to seal it all over. Use a large pot, suitable for the oven as well (I use oval).
  • Pour boiled water to half the height of the meat.
  • Place the soaked rinsed beans on one side of the pot -.
  • Place potatoes on the other side.
  • Insert barley into cooking bag (preferable made of cloth).
  • On top of beans and potatoes, arrange meat, onions, garlic, cooking bag with barley and the sweet potato - try to even out the height. If you want eggs, this is the time to insert them as well.
  • I usually add Kosher Kishka (stuffed darma, has less than 30% fat)- I couldn't add it to the ingredients as the program cannot recognize this food -- -).
  • Dilute honey with some warm tab water - and pour all over.
  • Dilute salt with some warm tab water - and pour all over.
  • Dilute the sweet paprika with some warm tab water - and pour all over.
  • Add boiled water to cover it all, make sure it's at least one inch above ingredients.
  • Scatter tea bags. (See picture for the prepared pot.).
  • Preheat oven to 250 F (120 C).
  • Bring to boil on stove.
  • Reduce heat and allow cooking with gentle boil for at least two hours.
  • Move the pot to the oven.
  • Make sure to check on the Chamin and add water if necessary. The water reduces but it mustn't get dry.
  • At night, reduce oven's heat to 215 F (100 C).
  • Check first thing in the morning!
  • See if you need to add some water and reduce or increase oven's heat.
  • The smell already drives everybody nuts -- soon, soon - we'll all sit and enjoy a great Chamin.
  • Serving:: When you open the pot, everything is arranged in the same order you put it inches Take out cooking bag with barley, open it carefully and pour barley into a serving bowl. Add some of the Chamin's liquids onto barley. Put garlic aside - some like it some don't. Take out each ingredient to a different serving dish or bowl, and pour Chamin's liquids. You'll have several dishes and bowl on the table: meat, beans, barley, potatoes, sweet potato, onion, kishke, (eggs) -- See pictures.
  • Enjoy!