Louisiana Sweet Tea

Recipe by li_liahmed
READY IN: 7mins
SERVES: 8-12
YIELD: 1 gallon


  • 4
    regular sized tea bags (any brand you like)
  • 12
    cups water, in the coffee pot
  • 2
    cups sugar (some people prefer 3 cups but i think its a little too much)
  • 1
    lemon, sliced


  • fill water in coffee pot to 12 cups.
  • put tea bags where you would put coffee but with no filter.turn on.
  • meanwhile in a 1 gallon pitcher add 2 cups of sugar(may adjust to your taste). when tea is done pour it into the pitcher and add enough water to make one gallon.add lemon if you want(in the south we dont add lemon).
  • **you can use ice instead of extra water ,fill the pitcher completely with the ice before you put the hot tea in the pitcher. when tea is done pour into the pitcher and stir. refrigerate until cold and enjoy!