Lobster Tails with Citrus Butter

"From Chef2Chef e-mail. We've made this twice in a short period of time. Delicious!"
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  • Cut the lobster tails down the center through the meat but not all the way through the shell.
  • Fold over butterfly style.
  • Combine remaining ingredients and brush over the meat.
  • Put some foil over your grill and place the tails, shell side down on the foil.
  • Cook, covered, for about 14-16 minutes until the meat is firm and white.
  • Brush occasionally while cooking.
  • Loosen the meat slightly before serving and brush one last time with the citrus butter.
  • NOTE: We broiled instead of grilled.
  • Used a broiling pan with the broiler on low, with the tails about 6 inches from the heat source and watched them the entire time.
  • We serve with the remaining citrus butter.
  • You may choose to make extra.

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  1. Perfection! Had 2 half-thawed frozen lobster tails and used this recipe (using the broiler because our grill ended up running out of propane before I could grill the tails) and they were juicy and succulent and (hate to use the word again, but...) Perfection.
  2. This had to be the best lobster dipping butter ever. Wasn't sure how to cook the tails until this recipe. I used my kitchen shears and made quick work of butterflying the tails. The rest was super easy. I couldn't bare to waste the citrus zest so I did add both the lemon and orange zest to the butter. WOW!! I can't wait to try this butter with crab legs next time! Thanks Ginny for posting a wonderful recipe!
  3. I've only just started cooking lobster in the past couple of years but this is by far the best!!! It was so flavorful and the citrus was pretty mild. I loved it and so did my husband :) Will make again and again!
  4. This was good, a bit too much citrus for my family. They still prefer just plain melted butter. Nothing wrong with the recipe, it's just a personal preference.
  5. This is a great Recipe!! I like the way it explains how to cook lobster on the grill. I threw a couple of pecan braches on the coals to give it a litte smoke flavor and the result was amazing!! I now know that Pecan is a great wood to smoke lobster and I would guess for shrimp also.


  1. This was delicious. I left the salt and pepper out and substituted onion pwder for the paprika. Then I cooked the tails on a hot grill pan for 15 minutes, turning them every five minutes. They were the highlight of my New Year's Eve dinner w/the hubby. Try them with grilled steak and steamed asparagus. Yumo!



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