Light Eggless Banana Cake

"Light and easy to make and oh so yummy. I invented it after having too many ripe bananas. Best eaten straight out of the oven."
Light Eggless Banana Cake created by katia
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  • Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius.
  • Sift first three ingredients together.
  • Whisk pureed bananas, milk and butter together. (It is important that the pureed bananas are smooth and there are no lumps). Add dry ingredients gradually into wet ingredients, mixing well.
  • Pour into well buttered rectangular pyrex or oven roasting pan and bake for 20 to 30 minutes or till lightly browned on top and skewer comes out clean.
  • Cooks Note: After reading a review from someone, I think perhaps they went for a high cake. Aim for a flatter rather than high cake. So your pyrex or roasting pan should be flatter rather than deeper or higher. Eggless cakes fare poorly when you try to bake them in deep/high dishes instead of flat, as they dont have eggs to help them rise. This could lead to rawness in the centre, whereas a flatter cake would cook evenly.
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"Hi I'm a scientist working for a large petrochemical company in SA. I'm a devoted Hindu (particularly Krsna conscious) and vegetarian. Into all things Indian (yoga, bhajans, food, music etc). Will be hoping to contribute a lot of my successful experimented recipes to this site. Vegetarian need not be boring or fattening. I hope more members take to the veggie recipes. <img src="">"

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  1. Violet S.
    If you want a guaranteed not moist center then decrease bananas, i made it with 16oz bananas (scaled it) which came to 4 medium-large Burro Bananas, became a very moist but still good and not too sweet cake. CAN BE DONE FULL VEGAN, I used coconut milk since i had just a can of that and no dairy in the house, still rose like regular dairy cake. I'm far from vegan but love how some recipes can be done vegan style to take advantage of what ingredients are in the house (like no eggs but overripe bananas :D)
  2. Sweetc22ctgold
    Light Eggless Banana Cake Created by Sweetc22ctgold
  3. Sweetc22ctgold
    Light Eggless Banana Cake Created by Sweetc22ctgold
  4. YummySmellsca
    I don't know why, but I followed the recipe to the letter and it never really "baked" in the centre. It was set, but very VERY moist compared to the rest of the cake and it took it almost 45 minutes to get that far. The kids ate the edges but wouldn't go near the middle
  5. trishdavies
    Banana Cake is my grandson's favourite but now he has a wheat and egg allergy ! This recipe is great ~ I just substituted the flour for wheat/gluten free white flour. It's the best sponge I've ever made (I'm not a greater baker) ~ light and moist. It's also pleasing to have such a short cooking time and save on energy resources as my ordinary recipe takes over an hour to cook at a higher temp. Thank You !

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