Lick-The-Bowl-Clean Bacon-Broccoli Salad

"First time I had this at a church potluck, another lady and I were nearly fighting over the last serving--it was SO good! So we took the empty bowl and went looking for the owner to BEG for the recipe. Here it is!"
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Ready In:




  • Fry the bacon; break into pieces; set aside.
  • Trim broccoli stems, cut into 1/2 - 1-inch pieces; cut flower ends into small pieces, too; put into a large serving bowl.
  • Slice green onions into the broccoli (large onion should be chopped).
  • Add raisins and nuts to the broccoli and onions; tossing well.
  • Add bacon now or wait until serving time if you don't like it to get soggy-ish.
  • DRESSING: Mix dressing ingredients in a small bowl until sugar dissolves.
  • Add dressing to the broccoli mixture; stir well to coat everything.
  • If you didn't add the bacon earlier, add it now.
  • Best served at room temperature.
  • OPTIONS: Leave out the raisins or nuts or bacon--just don't leave them all out at the same time. Instead of 3 bunches of broccoli, add some cauliflower--very pretty, too!

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  1. This salad was absolutely delicious! I used cauliflower florets too and omitted the raisins. It turned out wonderful. This is so easy to make too. Thanks for posting.
  2. Quick and easy and very good. I scaled everything back for 1 1/2 lbs of mixed broccoli and cauliflower florets, leaving out the raisins and using the higher amount for the vinegar. If I leave out the raisins again next time, I'd double the cashews or add something else salty and crunchy. I think sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or pine nuts would all be good too. I was worried the dressing would be too sweet, so I cut back by about 2 teaspoons of sugar (equivalent to about 2 tablespoons less for the full recipe) and that worked well. Thanks for sharing.
  3. This looks delicious but for anyone who's looking for the healthy version, go to and look up brocolli bacon salad it is very good!!! ?
  4. This was so colorful and delicious! It will be a new fav of mine, and it went over well at our family gathering. I used a little less than 1/2 cup sugar and the full 2 TBS apple cider vinegar. The dressing in this recipe was creamy with just the perfect amount of sweetness. We didn't have as much fresh broccoli so I mixed it with a thawed bag of frozen broccoli dumped right in from the bag, and it was just fine. Added in halved cherry tomatoes, Craisins, and sharp cheddar cut into tiny cubes. Microwaved the bacon on paper towels and a plate. Thank u for the healthy, tasty recipe and also the tips from others.
  5. We love this salad but many of us do not care for raw broccoli. <br/>I blanched the broccoli for 2 minutes and then shocked in a ice bath.<br/>Good just enough w/ some crunch left in. <br/><br/>THanks for this yummy recipe.


  1. I was leary of this recipe, because I don't care for broccoli. I know, I know, I should, but just never had. That is until I tried this recipe. I omitted the tomatoes and used craisins instead of raisins. I have served it several times lately to company and have actually had people eating it again for dessert! Love it!!
  2. Made this already few times; did not have bacon so I replaced bacon with leftover Italian sausage thinly sliced. Also I replaced nuts (can not bring them to nut-free school with chick peas)
  3. I just made this for a BBQ and it came out great. I would probably go with the suggestion "or less" on the sugar because using the 1/2 cup was just a tad too sweet for my taste, but still tasted good. Instead of nuts I used sunflower seeds, which is what I had on hand and had tried a similar recipe before using sunflower seeds.


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