Lene's Bester Apfelkuchen (Lene's Best Apple Pie)

Recipe by -Sylvie-
READY IN: 1hr 35mins
YIELD: 1 cake




  • For the filling: In a large pan bring the apples to a simmer, you have to add a little amount (about 2 tbsp) of water, just to stop them from burning at the beginning.
  • Stirring occasionally continue to simmer until they start to fall apart, approx 10 minutes. You want to keep most of the chunks and not cook them so long that you have applesauce.
  • Take of the heat and allow to cool completely.
  • Stir in all other ingredients, adding more or less sugar to your liking. The mix should still be a little tart, as the sweetness of the crust and the sweetness of the whipped cream will make up for it.
  • For the crust: In a large bowl mix the butter and sugar, using in electric mixer, until well combined and creamy.
  • Add the egg and continue to mix until you have a soft, fluffy mix.
  • Using the dough hooks on your mixer, beat in the flour and baking powder bit by bit until well incorporated.
  • You might need to chill the dough a little to be able to roll it out.
  • On a floured surface roll out the dough with a floured rolling pin quite thin, about 2-3mm.
  • Take a 10 1/4 inch spring form and cut out two circles, one to fit the bottom and another one that will eventually cover the top.
  • Place one of the dough circles on the bottom of your greased spring form and prick in an couple of places with a fork.
  • Bake in a preheated oven (200°C/400°F) for 10 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and using the left-over bits of dough cover the sides of the pan, all the way up.
  • Carefully place the filling inside and spread evenly to fill the pan. If it doesn't fill most of it, just chop another apple or two and spread them over the top, they'll cook in the oven.
  • Now comes the most tricky bit and I always ask somebody to lend me another pair of hands if I can. Carefully lift the other circle of dough you cut out earlier and place it over the top. If you do this on your own it's quite difficult to get it on without ripping, but with four hands it's a lot easier. Otherwise try loosely rolling it and the un-rolling it on top of the filling.
  • Using a small knife just loosen the top of the sides and fold over onto the 'lid' crimping it shut. Don't worry if you haven't got much dough to fold and crimp, there shouldn't be a lot.
  • Return the cake to the oven an bake for approx 50-60 minutes.
  • After 35-45 minutes of the total baking time, when the top is starting to become golden, briefly take the cake out of the oven and top with little knobs of butter and sprinkle with sugar.
  • Quickly return to the oven and bake for the remaining 15 minutes, the cake should be a rich golden colour but not brown.
  • Remove from oven. Carefully cut around the outside of the pie with a long thin knife and allow to cool before removing the ring of the spring form. Otherwise the hot weight of the apples will cause the crust to tear around the side.
  • When completely cool, cut into wedges and serve with a generous helping of whipped cream.


“This is my auntie Lene's recipe for a German style apple pie which is different from a standard American or English pie. The crust is finer and the whole pie is deeper. My mum always makes it when my BF and I come to Germany for a visit and he just can't get enough of it. Sorry it's only metric at the moment, next time I'll make it I'll measure in cups. Also, my mum tends to make the actual filling without actual measurements, so you might want to adjust amounts slightly to your liking. You can add raisins, about 1/4 of a cup, but I don't like them so much so I leave them out. You can make the filling ahead or make double the amount and freeze some for the next time, just leave out the almonds and add them after you have defrosted it. It seems like a lot of work, but it is quite simple and well worth the effort. Serve with freshly whipped cream and I'll promise you, you'll love it!”