Lemons- Lots of Great Uses for Them!

"Recently I found a bunch of "recipes" for using up those lemons that always seem to live in my veggie drawer until they are wrinkled and brown! Now lemons here are usually about $0.33 each or you can buy a 5 lb bag for about $2. Since I hate spending that much on one little lemon I usually buy the bag. I always ask myself tho what kind of savings it is when I do not use them? So I wanted to save this money saving info here where I would be sure to use it! Hope it works well for you too!"
photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope
photo by Mamas Kitchen Hope
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  • 1 lemon
  • water, as needed ('Zaar's computer requires more than 1 ingredient!)


  • Health and Beauty: Reduce blemishes and get glowing skin by mixing the juice of one medium lemon with one tablespoon of honey and apply to clean face. Rinse. Dab a small cut or scrape with some lemon juice to disinfect the wound. Treat dandruff, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice to enough shampoo to wash hair. Shampoo, then rinse with water. Rinse again with a mixture of two tablespoons of lemon juice and two cups of water. Repeat every other day. Dry out and help eliminate blackheads, rub lemon juice over blackheads before going to bed. Wait until morning to wash off. Repeat for several nights until you see a big improvement in the skin. Relieve rough hands or sore feet apply lemon juice, rinse, then massage with olive oil. Create blonde highlights, rinse your hair with one-quarter cup lemon juice with three-quarters of a cup water. Rinse hands with lemon juice to remove fruit and berry stains on your hands. Whiten, brighten, and strengthen fingernails, soak fingernails in lemon juice for ten minutes, then brush with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Rinse well. To stop bleeding and disinfect minor wounds, pour lemon juice on a cut or apply with a cotton ball. To soothe itching and alleviate the rash of poison ivy, apply lemon juice over the affected areas.
  • Cooking: Mix one cup of milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice for a buttermilk substitute that works great! To remove the smell of garlic or onions from your hands, rub with a lemon slice and rinse.
  • Cleaning: Clean and freshen a stinky garbage disposal, slice a medium sized lemon into the disposal and turn on the disposal with running water until the lemon is gone. Add some ice and run without adding water to flush out and sharpen the blades. To clean grout around tiles, apply lemon juice and water with a toothbrush and scrub. To clean copper pots, cover the surface of a half lemon with salt and scrub. Rinse and buff with a soft cloth for a beautiful shine. To clean silver, clean with lemon juice and buff with a soft cloth.Lemon juice also cleans the tarnish off brass.To freshen the air, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the vacuum cleaner bag before vacuuming.To clean glass shower doors, apply lemon juice with a sponge. Dry with newspapers for a sparkling shine. To sanitize your dishwasher and remove mineral deposits and odors, remove all dishes. Place ¼ cup of lemon juice in the soap dispenser and run through the normal cycle. Your dishwasher will be clean and smell wonderful! To freshen the air, place a teaspoon of cinnamon over lemon slices and cover with water. Simmer in a saucepan for 15 minutes on medium heat. To make your own furniture polish that is much better for the wood than what you can buy, prepare enough for a single preparation (make fresh each time you use it.) Mix the juice of one lemon, one teaspoon olive oil and a teaspoon of water. Apply a thin coat to furniture and buff to a deep shine. To freshen the microwave, place a few lemon slices covered with water in a small bowl and microwave on high for one minute. To clean and disinfect cutting boards, wash with lemon juice and dry in the sun. To clean counter and remove stains (including laminate and stone counters), apply salt to the cut side of a lemon and scrub. Rinse and dry. To eliminate odors in your humidifier, pour three or four teaspoons of lemon juice into the water.
  • Laundry: To remove ink from fabric, apply lemon juice liberally while the ink is still wet. Then wash the garment on the normal cycle with regular detergent in cold water. To remove fruit, baby formula stains, or rust on colored clothing, mix a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice. After checking the fabric for colorfastness, apply the mixture and let it set for 15-30 minutes. When stain is lifted, launder as usual. To brighten whites that can't be bleached, just pour a quarter of a cup of lemon juice into the washing machine.
  • Fun: To write with invisible ink, use a cotton swab as a pen to write in lemon juice on a piece of white paper. Once it dries, hold the paper near a hot light bulb (don’t touch!). The writing will turn brown.
  • If you still don’t know what to do with those extra lemons, try any of the great recipes here on 'Zaar for lemonade!

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  1. EURrosa1
    In Brazil we dab lime juice on white clothes that have spots (mold, for example) and stretch them on a flat surface, and leave them out on the sun. It removes the spot, really. Thanks for the excellent tips!
  2. iewe7726
    Used the idea for the garbage disposal and worked great. Will continue to try some of the other idea as well -- thanks for some great uses!


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